Surviving Earth theatrical trailer 2014

28 08 2014



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28 08 2014

What looks like a great must watch movie … I only have one concern, there are many other MUST watch movies that have been produced to get the message across about growth limits and climate change, and they are hard if not impossible to access … Surely there must be a better way to distribute and educate the masses on these most important aspects of the future … How about we have a way to view on line that can be as easy as watching a local screening …

29 08 2014

To be fair, I have seen several MUST WATCH films online…. they are there. Maybe I should compile a list?

30 08 2014

Indeed, there are quite a few good flicks out there! Obvious inclusions for any must watch list are End:Civ (2011) and Collapse (2009). Jensen speaks with such clarity and conviction, while Collapse was my first encounter with one Michael Ruppert – what a slap in the face that was! 🙂

29 08 2014
Murray Carew

Looks very good, though I also had a strong reaction to something in the trailer – I can’t believe Ian Lowe is still telling people that the impacts of climate change are decades away!

29 08 2014

I agree. Maybe it’s to do with ‘don’t scare the children’…

29 08 2014

A list would be a great start … TIA

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