Is this what it will take…?

21 08 2014

agacoffeeI love my coffee.  I buy organic fair trade stuff from Aldi, and I brew it on the AGA (in winter), not in one of those wanky coffee making machines that frankly don’t do a better job than my caffetière at any price…….

So why am I posting this today you ask…?  Well my friends, it looks as though Climate Change might kill off our morning caffeine hit.  Is this what it will take to get people off their backsides and do something about the greatest conundrum civilisation is facing?





3 responses

21 08 2014
julie jordan

Reminds of the references to crap ‘coffee’ in 1984!

21 08 2014
julie jordan

In all seriousness though, interesting that they were only considering mitigation issues eg look at other regions etc, clearly past the tipping point for coffee in some regions 😦

22 08 2014

i’ve always thought – no coffee fix will get most of us active!!!

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