I have been to the Mountaintop, and I have seen the Promised Land….

18 08 2014

Nic Marks

The title of this post is a Martin Luther King quote from a speech he made on the eve of his assassination.  I picked it up from an amazing Ted talk I discovered on FB….

The speaker, Nic Marks, starts off by accusing ‘environmentalists’ of spreading fear about the future.  Guilty as charged.  He claims that people simply ‘freeze’ when faced with news of apocalypse, and they end up clamming up and doing nothing….. the deer in the headlights syndrome.  Personally, it was precisely discovering that the future would be apocalyptic if nothing was done that spurred me to change our lifestyle.  And campaign on the issue for decades now..  I thought, maybe stupidly, that if it worked for, surely it would work for everyone…  I now realise I made the same mistake politicians make all the time by assuming others would be like them…. in their case, hungry and ambitious to consume the planet to death!  The populace obviously aren’t like at all, they’re still out there driving SUVs and shopping ’til they drop.  People who work on Wall Street, for example, would never consider a lifestyle like ours.  But will they have any choice, if/when the apocalyptic future arrives?  Because of their choices no less….

Many times, I have enjoyed replying to people on various internet forums discussing sustainability by telling them I did not live in a cave, but rather an award winning house.  Nor do I wear a hair shirt!  (WHAT on Earth is a hair shirt anyway?)  But still, I have had little impact on society.  Even members of my own family who have been here, seen how we live, think I’m just a layabout because I don’t ‘work’.  I don’t know what you’d call keeping this place going, except ‘work’, but there you go.  They’re not like me…. and I have to accept that I guess.

Perhaps the real problem in the end is that we are in fact so different….. some of us ‘get it’, some won’t, and some will fight for their right to consume to the death…  And frankly, I see so little movement at the station regarding change that it’s going to take some momentous event to remove the apocalyptic outcome from my field of view.  Yes, I have been to the Mountaintop, and I have seen the Promised Land…. but when I turn around, I still see the apocalypse.

So all you nutters who think it’s me who’s the nutter……  wake up to yourselves.

Here is Nic’s Ted talk.  Keep the comments rolling in folks…. you are keeping me sane!




3 responses

18 08 2014
Terry J Wall (@terryjw7)

Great to listen to a positive story at this moment in time.

19 08 2014

Hi Mike

The TED talk was interesting however I am not sure about the statement “I have a vision of the land that we all want” Do we all want the same thing. It seems to me that many of us in our society are mainly interested in getting something for nothing. Why else does the daily news obsess about share price increase. Why else do we purchase lottery tickets with such a small probability of winning but do not feel that we should take action to prevent environmental collapse when the probability of that collapse is immensely greater.

People like their comfortable life where they get into their car and drive to the supermarket to get their food rather than put in the work that is required to produce it. I am often asked, why dig some ground and put in all the work that is needed to grow potatoes when they cost $1 per kg or less in the supermarket. The vast bulk of people will not change that attitude until they are forced to and will resent being forced. They are pushed along in this attitude by the system (matrix) because those who manage the system profit from it.

You said “some of us ‘get it’, some won’t, and some will fight for their right to consume to the death…”

This is what worries me. Not one of my neighbours “get it”. Will these people who are basically good people, still be friendly neighbours when the SHTF or will they become enemies, because there is a limit to what I can (not will) share.

The problem with visitors getting the impression that you don’t work is that probably, you like me interrupt your work to be hospitable and entertain them. I don’t know if this reply will help to keep you sane but if not there are others with the same affliction.

19 08 2014

Thanks Don…….. and yes, you really helped!

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