Collapse has begun…….

29 07 2014

Lock the Gate’s Central Queensland spokesperson, Ellie Smith, says the decision by Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt to approve the Carmichael Mine effectively admits that the mine will affect the Great Artesian Basin.

“You can’t build one of the biggest coal mine’s in the world without doing great damage to ground and surface water systems and the communities that depend on them,” she said.

“It’s not possible for any conditions to protect the bushland and water systems in the region from a mine this size – it is quite simply not safe and not appropriate.”

“Environment Minister Greg Hunt has ignored his own panel of top water scientists and is putting the Great Artesian Basin at further risk by allowing mine dewatering to drain the Basin.”

She warned investors of the risks involved in the project.

“If the conditions set by Minister Hunt and the Queensland Government are adhered to it will be a number of years before work can start at the site. Adani’s aggressive push into the Galilee Basin will fall apart when they begin to try to implement the promises they’ve made to the government.”

“Adani has a dreadful history of environmental vandalism yet both the state & federal government choose to ignore this”, she said.

So there you have it.  Nothing left now but a revolution, because nothing else will cut it……..



One response

11 10 2014
Daniel Ismail

Hi my friend,

I am relatively new to all this so please take it easy on me! However, having read various pieces on the subject and using “logic” I have deduced that this is not just a problem for Australian water but has the potential to become the largest “sinkhole” ever witnessed. The biggest concern being the drop in the GAB level by over 100 meters and the fact that the water is Plutonic and hence cannot be corrected by rainfall alone.

Not sure were to go from here but the more discussion the better!?!?

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