She’s Alive……

6 07 2014



3 responses

6 07 2014
Ruth Lipscombe

Brilliant Mike.
Living in FNQ I wonder,at times,just how alive she is ,and for how much longer.
I will send this to many like-minded friends(and a few fence sitters)
Will send you a blog from a clever Kuranda photographer whose captions on his daily offerings make me smile.
We all need a Buck Richardson in our friendship circles to put a smile on our face.
Ruth Lipscombe

6 07 2014

What a great video,, sad so many die fighting for justice

7 07 2014

What is saddest of all is that those who died were members of the human species, and those that killed them were members of the human species. In spite of all the good mankind is capable of, the evil mankind does is not going away. On balance, the human species IS the problem.

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