Avant gardeners

2 07 2014

‘nother great post from my mate Steve Harrison……. what a hero…

Tonight my Fingers Smell of Garlic

The couch potatoes have left the building!
The weather is still cold and blustery again today, but work has to happen, jobs need to get themselves done and they won’t do it by themselves. We are up and about early. The lovely has to deliver pots for our part in the group show of woodfired pots at Kerrie Lowe Gallery opening on Friday. She has some lovely little rock glazed celadon inspired cups and I have made some tea pots. She catches the train up to Sydney using her ‘Woman of a Certain Age’ card to get the $2 all day fare. (See ‘Gallery’ more pictures)
I don’t go as I have to get the wood kiln packed. We have our next woodfire weekend workshop next weekend, so I have to pack the kiln today, fire it on Tuesday, cool it on Wed/Thurs and unpack late Thursday and Friday morning…

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