Why do I bother blogging…….

29 06 2014

Why do I bother blogging…….  I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately.  You may have noticed I haven’t been writing much lately.  A combination of having a hard working wwoofer here for over two months who has transformed the place, while I plod along trying to get this house more finished for selling, and now, display in this year’s Sustainable House Day.  Well, it’s days actually, the event is held over two consecutive Sundays, the 7th and the 14th of September.  The event is run by volunteers, and as a result things must happen slowly, our place is not yet listed as of today, almost the end of June.

Yes, in Qld that's one year's supply of firewood for an energy efficient AGA!

Yes, in Qld that’s one year’s supply of firewood for an energy efficient AGA!

Alessandro, apart from making pizzas, has tidied up the yard extensively, finding so much firewood to burn in the AGA we have hardly touched our stockpile from last year.  Whoever buys this place will inherit a year’s supply of fuel to keep the old girl going all next winter.  Meantime, I’ve been finishing pelmets, painting doors, and even making the place actually lockable!  I may even have fixed quite a few air leaks in the process, hopefully making the place even warmer in Winter.  It’s only taken eight years or so…..  Alessandro who comes from a country rife with crime is totally bewildered by the fact we don’t lock our house.

Βut back to why do I bother blogging…….   To a large extent, I use DTM as a storage of information, and I use it during exchanges on certain forums by linking to articles published here in often vain attempts to convince people that major change is upon us.  I often fail.  Recently, the AIMN published an article by Kaye Lee on the worth of having High Speed Rail in Australia.  The AIMN is a barely hidden ALP lovefest site where the writers take turn at hating the current government.  Not that you can blame them mind you, but that topic can get tiresome.  So any time I get a chance to put some alternative stances on the state of the world, I grab it with both hands.  It always lands me in deep water, I’m labelled negative and without hope.

To be frank, I don’t know myself why I bother.  Neither I nor anyone else can ‘save the world’.  I won’t save Kaye Lee either.  She’s been convinced by the techno-utopians that we have a future low flying in renewable powered HSR.

Even Dave Pollard, a soulmate of mine in many regards is asking himself the same question….

In that recent entry of his, Dave mentions a book I’d never heard of, titled Straw Dogs, by John Gray.  Here is an excerpt:

The mass of mankind is ruled not by its own intermittent moral sensations, still less by self-interest, but by the needs of the moment. It seems fated to wreck the balance of life on Earth — and thereby to be the agent of its own destruction. What could be more hopeless than placing the Earth in the charge of this exceptionally destructive species? It is not of becoming the planet’s wise stewards that Earth-lovers dream, but of a time when humans have ceased to matter…

Political action has come to be a surrogate for salvation; but no political project can deliver humanity from its natural condition. However radical, political programmes are expedients — modest devices for coping with recurring evils. Hegel writes that humanity will be content only when it lives in a world of its own making. In contrast, Straw Dogs argues for a shift from human solipsism [belief in our aloneness and our disconnection from everything else]. Humans cannot save the world, but this is no reason for despair. It does not need saving. Happily, humans will never live in a world of their own making…

Homo Rapiens is only one of very many species, and not obviously worth preserving. Later or sooner, it will become extinct. When it is gone Earth will recover. Long after the last traces of the human animal have disappeared, many of the species it is bent on destroying will still be around, along with others that have yet to spring up. The Earth will forget mankind. The play of life will go on.

Homo Rapiens….  I’m going to use that from now on..!  A book worth reading obviously…..  I keep blogging, states Dave, because I owe just about everything about my current situation to my blog. My writing and my readers’ responses have shaped and radically altered my worldview.  I have to agree with this…… starting DTM was a bit of a life changing moment; I actually had to start thinking about why I did things, but lately, I feel that I have started running out of things to say.  How many times can I write about why Climate Change, Peak Oil, Limits to Growth, and Economic Collapse will combine to become our downfall before I’ve said it all?  And realistically, anything I add here now is to simply say ‘it’s all getting worse’ and ‘I told you so’.  And besides, Dave does a far better job than I, his blog is among the very best on the whole interweb as far as I’m concerned.

More of Alessandro's handiwork

More of Alessandro’s handiwork

Also, something weird has happened over the past couple of months.  In March and April, DTM was going absolutely gangbusters (by my humble standards at least) with page reads going exponential.  Then it all stopped.  At first I couldn’t understand what was going on, maybe it was my lack of writing at this busy time, but WordPress gives its bloggers some neat tools, like the ability to see from which countries in the world visitors come from.  And it appears Americans have literally stopped coming here.  And I mean by more than 75%.  I know I’ve insulted a few by renouncing Guy McPherson’s near term extinction thesis (I’m prepared to give humanity another 150 years instead of just 30…) but at the expense of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I wonder if the CIA or some such has put a block on this site.  The rapidity with which the numbers have fallen off is bewildering.  Not that blogging is a popularity contest, as I told Kaye Lee; it’s much easier to attract readership with how much you hate Tony Abbott than telling people civilisation is about to collapse……!

To change tack in this final paragraph, here we are near the end of June, and Winter has still not arrived.  We’ve had one cold morning that almost gave us a light frost (there was ice on the Citroen’s windscreen, but not the ute’s – and they were parked side by side – so go figure) but now the morning’s minimums are again over six degrees C, everyone’s still complaining about the flies (which are currently the worst we have ever seen, even in Summer), cabbage moths are still flying around the garden, and I’m still mowing the grass, even if very intermittently.  Down south, they’re being hammered by blizzards and storm strength winds, clearly we are stealing their warmth…  Climate Change?  WHAT Climate Change……?  Hopefully we’ll get a cold snap or two over the next couple of months, otherwise the garlic crop will be another failure, just like last year.  Aah Tasmania, wherefore art thou…?



21 responses

29 06 2014
Linda Cockburn

I enjoy your blog Mike, it’s always interesting, always thought provoking.But I know the feeling. People like food porn and baby animals as part of the ‘sustainability’ thing, but don’t want to look at the bigger, scarier issues. You have to speak out, because that is all you can do and you must do something… but only a few up for listening. It’s the damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.

29 06 2014

“food porn and baby animals”…! LOL Linda, you made my day… I don’t know if it’s just to spite me, but the AIMN has just published ANOTHER let’s hate Tony Abbott article…. http://theaimn.com/letter-editor-aimn/#comment-102968

I couldn’t read past the third paragraph, and let’em have both barrels in a comment….

29 06 2014

I’m starting to wonder about our garlic crop – we’ve had hardly any frosts and they’ve been light ones. Normally we’d be having them most nights by now.

29 06 2014
julie jordan

Hi Mike, understand your frustration, but it’s great to have an Australian voice in the blogosphere, so hope you persevere. Liked your comment on AIMN, sometimes it’s just too hard to block out the white noise & one just has to scream! As you rightly say, we do have so much work to do, I’m very much enjoying John michael Greer’s recent call to action, I’m starting to channel my inner hippy 😉

29 06 2014

Thanks Julie…… I too enjoy the Archdruid!

29 06 2014

I read your blog Mike, a) because of our connection to (a now lost) ROEOZ, and b) because you link to so many blog posts I would miss otherwise.

People don’t want to hear the bad news and so won’t listen and won’t prepare. But that’s all right. They will be the first to go down. The rest of us, who are preparing, will maybe see the turnaround point and a better life on the horizon. You must keep pushing it home to people, otherwise how will they know?

The faster civilisation goes goes down, the faster earth can start to recover. Let it happen and be glad.

Think about the pleasure you will get when you can say “I told you so” to so many people.


29 06 2014

Hi Bev….. good to hear from you again. And thanks for the comment and support…

29 06 2014
Greg Bell

Hi Mike – another thumbs up from me for being an Australian voice. I’m trying to prepare myself and my family, and news and angles unique to our home really helps. The 18% decline in oil production was a critical story that you broke and that I haven’t heard anywhere else.

29 06 2014
Greg Bell

Hi Mike – I just checked and I can get to your blog from the US. I would think a 75% drop like that would have a tech reason more than a “readers pissed off” reason.

If you had the blog hooked up to Google Analytics, you would’ve been able to see how people were getting to your site, and then maybe what had changed.

29 06 2014

Thanks Greg….. I am getting hits from the US, but to put things into perspective, a couple of months ago I would jump on the net around 5AM (yeah… I’m an early riser!) and while Australia was asleep I’d get maybe 100 reads, 90% of which were from the US. Then as Australia would wake up, the Aussie numbers would slowly overtake the American hits. But this morning, I had just 5 hits from the US. I know it’s the weekend, and weekends are almost always slower than week days, but all the same…. this is weird!

29 06 2014

This blog is the one I usually go to first, great blog packed with good info!

30 06 2014

I await every post on this blog – there are so few Australian ones that deal with these issues and it’s really important to have voices such as yours. I hope you don’t stop – we appreciate you!
As for winter – I live in NQ. Even the idea of ice on a windscreen is remote and strange…

30 06 2014

Thank you to you and all the other Aussies voicing their support… it’s nice to be appreciated!

30 06 2014

Hi Mike,

I’m also glad to have an Australian perspective through DTM.

That said, I can also understand the frustration. You’ve done a huge piece of work in gathering, curating and passing on information on peak oil, climate change, collapse and our common future. Over many years. Thank you.
As with so many things, at some point it will be time to reduce the investment of time and energy to focus on other things. When that time comes, others will have to step up. All part of the process of growth and becoming.

Thank you for your work. I came across the blog at a crucial time in my life and believe that it has helped me focus more again on the things that are important.

2 07 2014

The world is going to hell in a handbasket but it’s nice to know not everyone is tying the ribbon to the top. Your posts have been greatly informative for me too and although at times they scare the pants off me I’d rather have that fear to motivate me than rush along like a lemming heading to the cliff like the rest of society. I hope you keep on blogging and I look forward to hearing how your move to Tassie goes.

2 07 2014
Barbara Nielsen

Hi Mike
Do keep up your blog – I enjoy getting to see your great selection of posts from a range of sources, keeping up to date with it all to some extent. And it’s good to hear what you personally are up to occasionally!

3 07 2014

What about getting up at 4.30 in the morning to put an ice spike next to each garlic bud ?
But the thought of freezing like that in a Tasmanian winter gives me the chills !
I have found that thinking like an academic dinosaur helps me to enjoy climate catastrophe, “well in 5 million years time those mammals will surely be getting biodiverse and to think that when they eventually go extinct the next flowering of evolution may well see great silicon biodiversity throughout the solar system just like life moved from the sea to the land”…

3 07 2014

To susmind, Tassie,being larger than say Ireland, varies a lot in temperature, depending on location. Where I live – on the north coast,it is far warmer in winter than many locations in NSW. Also, as elsewhere, the average annual temperature is increasing across the State. Remember too, that Tasmania is approximatelt the same distance from the equator as southern France/Northern Spain. Its not the UK. By international standards, Tasmania is regarded as having a temperate climate.
-Margaret K , Port Sorell, N-W Tasmania
(ex Melbournite)

4 07 2014

Hi Mike,
I am not sure how to contact you about other blogged material but thought you might be interested in a post at the site below.


4 07 2014

Thanks Don……. I can be contacted on damnthematrix at riseup dot net

7 07 2014

Could it be that the holiday, summer season in the US means people there are doing their two weeks of relaxation and have dropped everything else for the moment ?

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