Alan Jones, Heather Pascoe, I am with you

11 05 2014

Our Italian Wwoofer was telling me about the corruption in Italy… but THIS will blow your mind! The stench from the people governing this country is becoming totally unbearable…..

The Australian Independent Media Network

alan-jones As the silent tentacles of Eddie Obeid were, piece by ugly piece, exposed to public view, we listened in horror.  The party that allowed this to happen was rightly punished at the polls sending NSW Labor into political oblivion, and no doubt influencing the Federal election as well.  Corruption and lies.  Kick them out.

But since then, we have been assaulted by daily revelations of just how sordid politics in this country has become.  Are there none who will emerge unscathed?  Has the greatest office that an Australian can hold been sold to the highest bidder?

Our Prime Minister has suggested that accepting donations to your political party by selling access to Ministers’ offices for those with vested interests and deep pockets is a “time-honoured practice”, and that whilst there may have been some shenanigans by individuals at a state level, we most definitely do not need a federal integrity…

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