Why I will no longer vote in any election.

6 05 2014

Don Hayward

Don Hayward

My Canadian Facebook friend Don Hayward recently posted this, which I frankly really relate to myself.  I too have lost all faith in the political system.  I’ve been voting for slightly less time than Don (1972 was the first election I participated in if my memory serves me right) but since Malcom Fraser was elected and the Australian Democrats first appeared on the scene in Australia, NO ONE has represented me or my values in parliament…..

Don has recently published a book readers here would be interested in, titled After the Last Day….
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Why I will no longer vote in any election.

Executive summary: No politician wants to deal with the end of growth; no politician wants to leave N.A.T.O.; we don’t have, and never had, democracy and voting just supports the lie.


Before I begin, I want to say that until now I have voted at every election, at every political level that I could since I was old enough to vote beginning in 1968.  I will never vote again.

Democracy requires a free, fully informed and engaged population and a leadership of representatives who are free, fully informed and work for the good of the whole population that the democratic system represents. There is no jurisdiction in Canada, at any level of government that meets either of these requirements.

The main and most pressing issue that we face is the fast approaching limit to growth and the subsequent contraction. No politician of any stripe or at any level will even admit that this is a problem, let alone try to provide leadership that might prevent contraction from becoming collapse. Even if they understand that it is an issue, they could not campaign on that and expect to get elected. The majority of the voters simply want good news and promises of lower taxes and higher paying jobs. In the end we end up with cowardly political parties who provide no leadership and pander to the increasingly unrealistic wants of voters.

Secondly, it is clear that N.A.T.O. is simply a military front for the Usayan empire and it is being dragged into a potential conflict between the fascists of the Ukraine, (the surrogates of the Usayans), and the imperialists of Russia. The recent rhetoric is reminiscent of June and July in 1914. Everyone should just stay clear of it all. Canada should quit N.A.T.O., but there is no politician or political party taking that position. In fact all parties are caught up in the warmongering hysteria and propaganda. That is understandable since the public, with no knowledge of history, has been subjected to militaristic propaganda from the existing government ever since it came to power, although previous governments and the constant warlike drivel and war as entertainment news content from the media have all contributed. The public has reacted in the intended way by supporting our mindless efforts with N.A.T.O. No politician can afford to be against that and get elected.

The final reason is more abstract. The British parliamentary system has never been democratic and the Canadian version is even less so. The elite that has run Canada since long before 1867 (their forefathers were referred to as the ‘Family Compact’ at the time of the 1837 rebellions) is still in charge. No matter which of the two main parties forms the government, their policies and actions are always to reinforce the interests of this elite. In detail it doesn’t matter whether Liberals or Conservatives are in charge; they both know their masters. There has been no threat to this arrangement since the C.C.F. was captured and neutralized by the reactionary segment of organized labour (C.L.C. members) when the N.D.P.was created. It has always been a sham to hold elections, and they simply serve to legitimize the process. The act of voting only adds more legitimacy to this illusion of democracy. Not participating in these shams is actually voting against them.

I can sum it up in my somewhat cynical aphorism the no electable politician is worth voting for. Unfortunately, we are in a situation where there are no unelectable politicians worth voting for either. Real change is doomed to come from without and in spite of the current political process.