A Time of Seamless Black

18 04 2014

This post from XRayMike is a great follow on from my own post about Michael Ruppert’s sad departure…. I believe, more than ever before, that when TSHTF millions will suicide, incapable of dealing with their new post collapse realities…..

Collapse of Industrial Civilization

post-apocalyptic-world Humans live on hope and without it they fall into depression, oftentimes taking their own lives. In ‘ The Evolution and Psychology of Self-Deception ‘, optimism bias is said to be a defense or coping mechanism for survival. Most turn to religion for the ultimate hope of an afterlife nirvana. Voluntarily and unflinchingly holding one’s eyes open to the searing light of reality is an unnatural act for humans. For many, simply dealing with everyday life and the stress of surviving the concrete jungle is enough to drive them to despair, madness, and suicide. Whether they realize it or not, any normal person taking in the full scope of the multiple crises we face is surely prone to depression to some degree or another. I am now finding that I have to periodically distance myself from blogging on these subjects because it’s affecting my personal relationships as well as my…

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One response

1 05 2014

What a writer he is! This is an amazing article. The comments too. I agree with you Mike Stasse, that many will self-deliver once the SHTF big time. I’m planning to get a stock of the ‘green dream’ used by vets, just in case. A shelf life of 20 years I was told at an Exit workshop……But in the meantime, I’m gonna try and smell the remaining roses and keep up my preps, as I watch the dark descent unfold.

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