Another White Elephant is born……..

15 04 2014

The Federal Government has announced a second airport for Sydney at Badgerys Creek will be built.  This has been met with enthusiasm by airlines and business groups.  But what a stupid idea it is……  Absolutely nothing I have read about this project so far even mentions Peak Oil, or where the fuel for all those extra planes will come from.  Or the money for that matter….

Obviously, the aviation industry hasn’t seen this:

One might even ask, “will QANTAS still exist by the time this airport is finished”, IF it even starts……..?

On CO2 emissions, the impacts from a 5% air traffic growth have been assumed to be lessened by a 2% growth in fuel efficiency.  Leaving a 3% growth in CO2 emissions.  If aviation emissions really grow by that much, the aviation industry should be called “Flight Path to a Stormy Future”.  This is because NASA climatologist James Hansen just published a book “Storms of my Grandchildren” predicting huge storms over the Atlantic in addition to the area of cyclones and hurricanes expanding. That will mean a lot of cancelled flights…… because surely we have reached the stage where Climate Change is starting to become very obvious.

This idea has been contentious for a very long time, but there is no doubt opposition will be real.  And likely stronger than ever before.  I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this in the media…….!


The federal and New South Wales governments will today (16 April 2014) announce they are spending nearly $3.5 billion on roads to support the construction of Sydney’s second airport.  The money will flow over the next decade and the news has been welcomed by some nervous Federal Liberal MPs in Western Sydney, who hope it will dampen community opposition to the Badgerys Creek project.

So there you have it.  No rail or even light rail links…. just more roads that won’t be carrying cars to an airport with no planes.. now that’s what I call vision!



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15 04 2014

It’s very obvious who Tony Abbott is willing to sell us out to. He obviously has absolutely NO concerns for the residents of Badegery’s Creek.

15 04 2014
Coachman on the Box

He has no concern, Cheryl, for anyone, or anything beyond himself, his cronies and the corporates who he worships as his greatest god. He’s unaustralian, would like to be Machiavellian, but is in fact just the unwitting stooge of others with far more sophisticated intelligence than his. And in that he is dangerous.

15 04 2014
Mulga Mumblebrain

Abbott thinks that the physical realities of life on Earth may be ignored away or bullied into submission. It is the simple-minded modus operandi that has served him very well indeed in life, so far. He will hit a few brick walls shortly, and his reaction will be worth the admission price. Surrounded by fellow paladins like Hockey, Joyce, Abetz et al, a menagerie of intellectual, moral and spiritual insufficiency, this is not so much a case of the inmates taking over the asylum as it is of them taking over the hospice.

16 04 2014

The biggest white elephant of the lot is below and is really only a playroom for a lot of schoolkids.
Just think how many hoeless could have been house with the $1.1billion?

Parliament House is the meeting facility of the Parliament of Australia located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola Architects and opened on 9 May 1988 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. At the time of the construction, it was the most expensive building in the world at more than A$1.1 billion.

16 04 2014
R.I.P. Mike Ruppert | Foodnstuff

[…] you’re at Damn the Matrix, take a look at this post on the stupidity of the proposed new airport for Sydney. There is simply no future in fossil […]

16 04 2014
John P

“The former Liberal member for the key Western Sydney seat of Lindsay, Jackie Kelly, has launched a blistering attack on Tony Abbott, warning she will “do the prime minister over” with a “soccer mums” grassroots campaign against his plan to build a second Sydney airport in her old electorate.
Speaking to the ABC from London where she is holidaying, Ms Kelly told the ABC she is “ballistic” with Mr Abbott’s decision to okay a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek.
She said Mr Abbott has signed a “death warrant” and writing on her Facebook page has warned the Prime Minister will come to “regret this epitaph”.”

Let the games begin!

22 06 2014

Get a job you lot of complainers. You only live on welfare. The workers like to work in order to buy lovely homes and life a nice comfortable life so do not deprive them. Soccer mums are the roughest bunch of Lesbians you can find.

23 06 2014

Welfare? You mean like the welfare the mining companies get, to save billions on their fuel bills unlike us poor suckers who have to pay the full price? Or the subsidies the power companies get without which they would go tits up in a mater of months? Or the welfare the car companies received by the billions that only postponed their demise by a few years, taking the whole lot overseas and as they leave the country and their employees high and dry? I suggest you stick your welfare up your arse……..

Oh and ‘the workers’ have been conned into buying ” lovely homes and life (sic) a nice comfortable life” by borrowing non existent money which they then have to pay back with interest essentially enslaving them to a life of debt until they die…….

Mahatma Ghandi, I suspect a much wiser man than you taxpayer, once said “You assist an evil system by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking in the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole sol.”

And please explain how a lesbian becomes a soccer mum. BTW ‘soccer’ is now called football in Australia. One of the ‘F’ in FIFA stands for FOOTBALL.

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