Interesting day revisited….

24 03 2014

Remember my interesting day at the March in March event in Brisbane…?  Well some interesting and quality footage of the event has turned up if you’re interested……  I’m the bearded dude with a hat at left of the tree at ~ 1 minute 40 seconds……



4 responses

24 03 2014

How is it we’re able to hear your voice perfectly at 1:54, even from across the street!?!

24 03 2014

I wondered how this was possible myself……. it must have been the crowd chanting, with me in sync. There’s no way you could hear me alone over the din, trust me!

8 04 2014
Mulga Mumblebrain

Pretty soon it will be hard to march like this, considering the various draconian anti-protest laws being churned out by the sub-fascists in power around the country.

8 04 2014

“anti-protest laws”

References please.

I always though they were happy to let us waste time and energy by uselessly protesting.

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