Lessons from the Rustbelt

22 03 2014

geofflawtonThis video, part of a whole series of free videos Geoff Lawton makes available at his new website, surely has to be one of the most inspirational things he has ever produced.  I believe it shows glimpses into the possible future we could salvage from the ruins of the fossil fuel era……  appropriate technology (and NOT nukes!)

I found it interesting that this place, Holyoke Massachusetts, used to run on the back of the sheep… a bit like Australia used to.  I instantly put two and two together, and came up with the fossil fuelled powered synthetic fibre industry being the cause of this.  The same industry that lobbied the powers that be to can the hemp industry with a fear campaign centred around cannabis…..  all so that Dupont could make money from nylon, and later, polyester.

Unfortunately, Geoff’s clips are neither downloadable, nor able to be embedded… so here’s a trailer

and the whole clip is available here……  though if you are new to Geoff’s website you will have to sign up.  It’s worth it.



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22 03 2014

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