Gerald Celente: Total Economic Collapse in Q1 2014

21 03 2014

gerald-celenteI have a lot of time for Gerald Celente……  I like his no pulling punches, cage rattling style.  More to the point he has also successfully predicted major big economic events.  So should we take this one seriously?  I personally think so…  as soon as interest rates start going up, a lot of people will find themselves underwater.  As Nicole Foss recently said, the system is very very sick.

One amazing stat for you;  US car loan debt is a staggering one TRILLION (with a T) dollars…….








6 responses

21 03 2014
Alex Stasse

There’s only a little over a week of Q1 left though, maybe he jumped the gun a little?

21 03 2014

True…… but the seeds for a collapse this year may have already been sown…… and we have 10 days to go!

21 03 2014

Wonder when those interests rates start going up it will also directly affect capex for oil companies?

22 03 2014
Chris Harries

I made a prediction on oil prices a couple of years ago and it proved to be incorrect. Very risky business fixing on a date. As much as some form of collapse is absolutely certain, the global economic system has extraordinary resilience. I expect when it happens it will come with a bang, all the same.

22 03 2014

yes but I think the Matrix has reached the end of its money printing leash…….. the Feds are even testing the waters with interest rate rises, and as soon as that happens a lot of people won’t be able to afford their credit card debts…..

On the subject of the price of oil, the majors haven’t put their prices up because they know the economy can’t handle it…… but it’s driving them broke. The proverbial rock and a hard place methinks…

24 03 2014

I love Gerald too. He says it like it is ( so too, by the way, does Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury under Reagan).
I agree with him absolutely about the merger of state and corporate power, ie fascism. It’s everywhere, most blatantly in the TPP and the TAP.

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