Reimagining Investment for the Whole Human

18 03 2014

Some time ago, I posted a link to Tim Jackson’s “Big Ideas” podcast from the ABC’s RN, titled “Prosperity without growth”.  I still listen to this often in my car….. it’s a brilliant talk.

Because I see no other way to achieve “Prosperity without growth” without cancelling debts, I started searching for more recent talks by Tim Jackson, and found this piece below.  It doesn’t quite say “cancel all debts”, it’s like everyone’s scared of saying the words……. but this comes close.  Enjoy.



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24 03 2014

Listened to the first talk. Interesting. But I feel that you can’t put all the blame on Governments. People do like to buy, especially women. No way can I imagine people choosing voluntarily to become less materialistic or acquisitive. Only a financial collapse will do that. That will be bad enough, but the alternative would eventually be far worse. Either way, we’re screwed…

28 03 2014

Reblogged this on rabidlittlehippy and commented:
Who are we? Novelty, tradition, self or other. It’s been a while since a post spoke so deeply to my heart as this one. I can’t even begin to process the thoughts in my heart and head but I know this has spoken very very deeply within and that this will change me on a profound level. I urge you to watch this.

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