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18 03 2014
Last Sunday, I caught a bus the locals organised to attend the “March in March” event in Brisbane.  As usual, when I get out of the house, I end up gobsmacked at what goes on outside my little world……

It started getting interesting on the bus within a matter of minutes when an argument sparked up over whether overpopulation was an issue.  Now you’d expect that a bunch of greenies on a bus to go to a march against the government would be au faix with this stuff…. but no, some even thought we could feed everybody with bio dynamics if only all the land “locked up” on the side of the road was “released” for growing food (we were miles from anywhere at the time, without a drop of water in sight, but never mind such inconvenient details…) This hippie woman started going on about how depressing all this talk of unsustainability was, and she didn’t want to be depressed.  Strangely enough….  I wasn’t depressed until I heard the rubbish coming out of her mouth.  With impossible optimism like that, we really are not going to go anywhere.  So I just shut up for the rest of the trip, there was no point starting a riot on the bus! I wasn’t going to attend the “March in March” event.  Frankly, it was all a waste of time; but I needed a lift down to Brisbane because Glenda needed some stuff she’d left behind, and it gave us an opportunity to have some quality time with our son, and the return bus trip only cost $12…. and I didn’t have to drive.

Thousands of people turned up turned up for the march, and it was impressive.  We didn’t march though.  Walking around on pavement in the middle of the day when it’s 33° isn’t my idea of fun, and I was there in spirit, I’m sure nobody missed me….  We got to talk to friends from way back when we were in the Greens, and that was good too.  But the interesting part occurred straight after our delicious lunch at a Japanese cafe Alex knew of…..

march2We were walking back towards Southbank where the bus was awaiting our return for the trip home when the most bizarre thing happened.  A bikie on a Harley, a member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club it turns out, stopped at the red light right in front of us.  With a police car right behind it.  The few hundred marchers who were regrouping at Queens Park cheered him, and he raised his hand (fist?) in response……. which mysteriously prompted the cops to turn on the fireworks all cop cars are equipped with, and pull him over across the other side of the lights.  If you are from overseas or even interstate, you need to be aware of the Queensland VLAD laws currently in force here….


I’m in there somewhere – possibly leaning against the large tree at upper left!

This guy was doing nothing wrong.  He stopped at the lights, he was wearing a helmet (which cheekily I suppose had “bye bye Newman” painted on the back of it), and his bike was registered and made no more noise than anyone would expect from a Harley.  His only offence was wearing the full colours of his club….  That the police decided to enforce this stupid law right then and there, just as an anti government march had finished, beggars belief…  WHAT, were they thinking..?

Within seconds – I know, I was right there – a hundred people had surrounded the bikie and the cops, booing and chanting.  Within a few more seconds, there were two hundred.  Elizabeth Street was effectively closed off.  An Irish pub, full of St Patrick’s Day revellers upstairs (including friends of mine it turns out – many thanks for the photos) were also jeering the police from the stalls.  Chants of “shame, shame, shame”, and “shame on you”, and “let him go, let him go” drowned out any communications the police officers could have been holding between each other or the bikie…. it was such an empowering thing to be able to yell at the police at such close quarters!  I almost became hoarse… but it gets weirder.  The bikie eventually left (with a confederate flag flying!), and I thought they must’ve decided to let him go.  Except they hadn’t as it turns out….  As I passed the front of the police car, the fireworks came back on, presumably I now think, to give chase to the now escaping suspect…!  You have to realise, it was total chaos.  Police were everywhere, hundreds of people all over the street all yelling and shouting and booing, and I frankly have no idea as to what exactly happened….  but I did see a man lying on the ground with his legs under the police car behind the front wheels.  I was walking away at this stage, having decided I wasn’t going to lose my voice over this, and I thought some idiot must’ve been looking to get arrested by blocking the car’s movements.

march More recent news on the matter disclose that an elderly man who had tried to prevent a motorcyclist club member from being harassed by police for protesting his freedom…… was run down by the police in their car!  Friends of mine who were watching from the pub balcony said it looked excruciatingly painful and he required urgent medical assistance, and an ambulance was dispatched.  Yet when confronted with questioning and anger from the public, all the police would say was “well he shouldn’t have been in front of our car”…..

Talk about a PR disaster for the police force.  It’s hard to believe they are so badly trained, but incompetence ruled here, because absolutely none of this should’ve happened.

It’s becoming harder and harder to repel feelings that we are fast losing our hard won freedoms.  As the world goes into collapse mode, everywhere, more and more police states pop up.  And the reason I thought the whole event was a waste of effort?  In the face of all the evil stuff our moronic government has been doing, the people of Tasmania have voted in a new state government of the same colours.  Unimaginable.  what were they thinking?





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18 03 2014
Bob Manton

And just wait till the first forest protests in Tassie after the new draconian anti protest laws are enacted.

18 03 2014

THE organisation that represents tree fellers and log truck drivers yesterday reaffirmed its commitment to the Tasmanian Forests Agreement.

Australian Forest Contractors Association chief executive Colin McCulloch said forest contractors were benefiting from the deal and did not support a Federal Government proposal to undo the agreement by asking UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee to reverse its recent expansion of Tasmania’s World Heritage Area.

And that’s from the evil Mercury to boot!!

18 03 2014

I thought I smelt a slight whiff of fascism with the attempt by the government to intimidate the judiciary over those anti organization laws. There are enough laws on the statute books to deal with organised crime.

18 03 2014

Great post Mike. This is actually what I come here for 😉

18 03 2014

Talk about numpty coppers, or were they the power tripping jackbooted thug types Mike?

If they’d have driven 50 odd metres down the road they could have conducted their business in relative peace in front of the QLD Transport building or Catholic Church.

Regardless, VLAD is still BS…

19 03 2014

Well written Mike!
Yes, it’s devastating about the Tassie election result.
For a long time leading up to this election, the newspapers here have been having a go at the Greens for the ‘loss of jobs’ and have published so many anti Green letters to the editor. People are such fools to believe this crap. The loss of jobs I have observed in my area are caused by corporate greed and globalization (the closing down of our local carpet factory and towelling factory to offshore them), landord greed ( store leasing fees for a Devonport butcher doubling overnight,) technology ( supermarkets and libraries introducing scanning machines) and the Internet (Angus and Robertson closing because cant compete with Amazon.) Unfortunately, the Greens were a simple and easy target.
Despite the swing to the Libs, I am confident that there will be many people prepared to lie down in front of the bulldozers and forestry equipment if the old growth forests are threatened again. I will certainly be one of them.

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