The Great Unravelling has begun…….

1 03 2014

I have been warning of the Great Unravelling for years now.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to shrug off feelings it has begun.  Exactly what is causing me to feel this way today is hard to pinpoint.  I have thought for a long time that some event would trigger it, an event like 9/11, or the GFC collapse in 2008, but still the Matrix defies all the odds.  Today, however, too many ducks are lining up on the wall…….

2014 was the year many pundits forecast would be the beginning of the long decline from civilisation.  It’s barely two months old today, and so far this year we have had confirmation that all car manufacturing will end in Australia, that Shell has sold its entire interests (except for aviation interestingly) in this country, and that QANTAS and Virgin Australia are unprofitable, QANTAS announcing it would cut 5000 jobs to save money…… After seeing Steven Kopits’ presentation on what’s happening in the oil industry, surely even blind Freddy can see where this is all going now.  You even have to ask why Vitol bought Shell out…?


Even New Scientist is
talking about it……

It appears that all the oil majors are in such unprofitable positions due to Peak Oil, that they are all selling assets to prop up their bottom lines.  And just to add a few more roadblocks, even American Independent producers will spend $1.50 drilling this year for every dollar they get back.  Shale output drops faster than production from conventional methods, and it will take 2,500 new wells a year just to sustain output of 1 million barrels a day in North Dakota’s Bakken shale, according to the International Energy Agency.  Iraq could do the same with 60.

Steven Kopits’ announcing that Shell had to borrow money to pay its shareholders’ dividends really did it for me.  As if the global debt situation wasn’t bad enough…..  This is like a dog chasing its tail, only worse; it’s begun eating its own arse to stay alive.  How long this state of affairs can go on for is hard to fathom.  The fact that it can’t is a certainty, however.

Then we have Chris Martenson, among many, saying that the stock market’s fundamentals are crumbling in both the short-term & long.  I’ve seen Alan Kohler say basically the same thing on ABC TV recently…..

The Ukraine has joined the increasingly long list of failed states with a huge and rapidly growing foreign debt, placing the country under constant threat of default. Its foreign exchange reserves are nearly depleted. Ukraine has a large negative trade balance and is desperately short on outside investment and private savings. Russia is the only country willing to extend financial assistance in exchange for Ukraine’s nearly worthless junk bonds.

And then we have the Climate…….  the numbers of record disasters happening globally defy listing.  From droughts in both hemispheres simultaneously, to record high and low temperature events again simultaneously occurring in the USA while the UK gets a pounding with three (more?) one in a hundred years storms in less than a month…  Even here in Cooran, we have now officially had the driest February on record.  By this time last year, we’d been flooded out twice and received 1200mm of rain in two months.  So far this year, we’ve had 59mm, 9 of those this month.  Whilst I normally have to mow twice a week at this time of year, I haven’t done so since before we went to Tasmania more than six weeks ago.  Check out this world map of extreme weather events in just January…. the whole planet is peppered with them!

So there you have it.  2014 will be an interesting year indeed.  What will it take for the authorities to wake up and admit everything they are doing is simply not working?  And how long before another large stock market correction visits us again..?  Only time will tell, but hang onto your seat, we’re in for an exhilarating ride!




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1 03 2014

I must say that I consider the financial difficulties of the oil giants to be a positive development. In any case. We are certainly in for an interesting year.

1 03 2014

Oh I agree with you Robert……. this is what will put an end to the Climate Change predicament.

1 03 2014

Maybe not an end. But it helps as a form of mitigation 🙂

2 03 2014

That is providing we haven’t reached a tipping point yet!

4 03 2014
Mulga Mumblebrain

The problem is that accelerating collapse will be met by our psychopathic Bosses with accelerated insanity. The sheer suicidal recklessness of the USA and its Euro-toadies installing fascists and neo-Nazis in power in Ukraine is simply breathtaking. Undoubtedly the US Reich is set on destroying (literally, their plans being to smash both into fragments, as with the USSR and Yugoslavia)Russia and China, a recipe for an even quicker end through thermo-nuclear war. And the vermin of the Rightwing MSM are screeching their full support, without dissent as ever.

3 03 2014

Things must unravel, that’s easy enough to see – the question is what will people do about it, if anything? It’s the failure to respond that assures a much steeper collapse and a far deeper collapse floor to crash down to…

3 03 2014

The time to respond was 1972 when we were first warned….. it’s too late now, too many people, not enough oil, and too many greedy capitalists.

3 03 2014

Too late now for modern civilisation and a large chunk of the existing population but not necessarily too late for our species and the future – notwithstanding the greatly increased difficulties faced as a consequence of the current and historic behaviour.

I’m not really talking about what people in the grand all encompassing sense will do about it – I know that answer. They will riot, fight, starve and die.

I’m talking about the few that get it – and what they will do. What is achieved by merely documenting collapse? Surely some portion of those who grasp the problem must try to grapple with it directly on a scale within which they can achieve something?

3 03 2014

Mike that article you wrote on 16th Oct 2012 seems to be very much on track!

4 03 2014

You mean the one about my last recession….. forgot I wrote that, but thanks, because I really enjoyed re reading that, even if I wrote it!

That’s the trouble with a growing blog like this, after well over 400 entries, you tend to lose track of exactly what you’ve put into it….

8 03 2014
24 04 2014
Jim Bledsoe

it is time to stop using oil.
it is time to grow as much food in our own yards as possible.
it is time to ride bicycles for our primary personal transportation.
it is time to realize that cars are really slow, you go between 6 and 10 miles an hour!
do the math, how far do you go in a month?
how much time do you spend in the car?
how much does it cost to drive and how long does it take to earn your driving money?
add the time earning to time driving, use that for hours in miles per hour and see how fast your car is really.
it is time to see money as time.
money is time the more money you need the less time you have.
money does not grow on trees, apples do.
if you have apples do you need money?
it is time to note that every plant you have ever seen was manifest out of thin air!
yes it is true. photosynthesis takes carbon dioxide from the air and gives off oxygen keeping the carbon to make plants.
the nitrogen is fixed at the root and comes from the air too.
(yes one can use expensive nitrogen from oil. one is fooling themselves if they really think this is smart).
it is time.

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