Oil Supply and Demand Forecasting with Steven Kopits

27 02 2014

Steven Kopits

A huge thank you to Michael Lardelli for pointing me to this hour long presentation by Steven Kopits, Managing Director, Douglas-Westwood, for The Center on Global Energy Policy.  It was recorded February 11, 2014 and is therefore right up to date, for the time being. It’s not short, obviously, includes bucketloads of data and information which I think will require me to view it twice…… so some commitment to ‘the cause’ is required!  But anyone wondering about the cause for Shell’s rout in Australia will be amazed to hear at about 45 minutes that this company actually borrowed money to pay its share dividends…….

Is the oil industry in the poo…?  ABSOLUTELY.  There are several red flags going up in this….  not least China’s apparent decision to slow its involvement in the oil markets.  Maybe it can’t afford to buy more resources at the price it takes to purchase them?

If ever you needed proof that it’s MONEY that lubricates the economy, even the very oil industry itself (the irony is overwhelming…) then watch this…  It is perhaps THE most important video you’ll watch about Peak Oil until the whole shebang falls over in a heap…. it blew MY socks off.



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27 02 2014

Watched this on the FB peak oil group page, Brilliant video presentation.

27 02 2014
Eclipse Now

Apple and Exxon have been jousting for the title “World’s biggest company”. If Exxon *starts* to go down it could be a win for Apple, and drivers. How so? Apple’s been in talks with Elon Musk re: Tesla. What does that mean? Only the world’s (potentially) largest company adopting EV’s as their next big market! So maybe Elon Musks’ giga-factory will have to become a peta-factory? We will see.

27 02 2014

You REALLY don’t get it do you Eclipse…… this isn’t about bloody cars, it’s about the COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMY! No economy, kiss your Tesla goodbye……..

28 02 2014
WS Gray

Ho hum. Been following Peak Oil scenarios for decades now. This is about exactly where I expected we would be now. The cornucopia fantasy of nuclear eliminating the need for oil have come to zip while the oil companies never found the those cheaper alternatives that were magically going to appear before the price got as high as it is today.

9 03 2014

Thanks for the link to this video; downloading now (via deturl.com) for later viewing 🙂

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