Reaching Limits to Growth: What Should our Response Be?

19 02 2014

This is highly relevant to this blog. All DTM followers should read this

Our Finite World

Oil limits seem to be pushing us toward a permanent downturn, including a crash in credit availability, loss of jobs, and even possible government collapse. In this process, we are likely to lose access to both fossil fuels and grid electricity. Supply chains will likely need to be very short, because of the lack of credit. This will lead to a need for the use of local materials.

The time-period is not entirely clear. Some countries, such as Greece and Syria, will be seeing these effects quite soon. Other countries may not see the full effects for perhaps ten or twenty years. What should our response be?

It seems to me that there are many different answers, depending on who we are and what our goals are. The various options are not mutually exclusive.

Option 1. Make the most of the time we have available.

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4 responses

19 02 2014
Eclipse Now

It’s amazing how circular her logic is. I guess that’s what you get when you speak into a self-reaffirming echo chamber, and simply delete other voices. She’s censored me: no positive energy news on the nuclear front is allowed onto her page. So much for being objective and open to all the data!

20 02 2014

Eclipse Now,
If she censored you, how is that I see your comment on her latest post. Maybe she sees things through her area of expertise, but she is able to see many of the facets of our predicament. If she is, as you say not being objective, I suggest that you will see another person who is not being objective next time you look in a mirror.

19 02 2014

Thank you Mike for re blogging this post from Gail Tverberg. I agree it is very relevant and should be widely shared and read.

20 02 2014
Mad Max

Thanks Mike. Very good read.

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