The ‘pause’ in global warming is not even ‘a thing’

13 02 2014
Pr England

Pr England

Climate scientist Professor Matt England explains his study on the influence of Pacific trade winds on global temperatures:

Global warming has not stopped. People should understand that the planet is a closed system. As we increase our emissions of greenhouse gases, the fundamental thermal dynamics tells us we have added heat into the system. Once it’s trapped, it can go to a myriad of places – land surface, oceans, ice shelves, ice sheets, glaciers for example.

A decade ago, everyone was talking about limiting the rise in global temperatures to 2ºC to avoid catastrophic climate change.  Now, as everyone believes we are supposed to have been “in a hiatus”, almost nobody thinks that safety net is achievable.  Now, the talk is of 3ºC or 4ºC or more…….

Temperatures on the surface – measured by thermometers and then averaged out across the world – is not the problem defence agencies around the world fear could destabilise entire regions.

So what really caused “the hiatus” in surface warming?  I think there might be four possibilities.

1. Was it headline writers and journalists who, out of necessity, sometimes need to strip nuance and context from their stories due to space shortage?

2. Was it deniers who repeated the “no global warming” mantra so often even the rational people started believing it?

3. Was it the internet (except my readers of course!)?

4. Did the fairies secretly change the laws of physics so the Earth doesn’t warm even after you have pumped the equivalent of four Hiroshima bombs per second into the atmosphere (1,407 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide) since the onset of the industrial revolution?

Nah!  says While some thought climate change was on “pause” the reality is that the world’s big fat fingers have been stuck on the fast-forward button.”

AND….. never forget this little clip either..




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13 02 2014
David Hamilton

Thanks Mike. I also like this wonderful post from Tamino: For those of you who have not come across him before, “Tamino” is a statistician who loves to interpret data, and this post is one of his absolute best. It’s about the warming “pause” and he keeps the technical details down and the quality analysis way, way up.

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