We’re back…….

30 01 2014

Two weeks in Tassie felt like one…..  2,300 km in a (very ordinary) hire car (at an average ~6L/100km) took us from the southernmost pub in Australia to the North East where I had never been, even after 7 visits to the Apple Isle.  It may be small, but there’s a lot to see…


Sunset from Bob’s deck

We arrived in Hobart with the temperature well in the thirties, and headed straight to Cygnet where my old made Bob the first mate and his wife Allison have lived almost twenty years since leaving West Australia.  Bob is an old peaknik from way back who bought 8 solar panels from me some ten years ago when I was running out of money with the house build….  so it seems a bit weird to be reunited with them after all those years.  Bob was one of the first solar users in Tasmania….

Tasmanians’ hospitality and friendliness were the standouts of this trip.  I even received a message from a reader of this blog who had never left a message here before inviting us to stay for a few days!  Which we duly accepted, as they lived near Geeveston and gave us a good base to investigate the area from.  Then, to top it off, they even arranged a community dinner for us with another couple I know from facebook…..  and you wonder why I want to move?  In fact, Chris and his wife in whose house we were put up, are powerhouses at the local community centre.


Looking North…. what a view!

There’s so much going on in Geeveston right now, I can’t wait to get down there…  especially as I think I’ve found our dream block (which Glenda incessantly tells me I am not allowed to fall in love with!)  There aren’t very many suitable blocks available currently, at least not that tick all my boxes.  Yes I know, I’m fussy, but I’m not moving 2,500km for another compromise, my last resting place will have to be near perfect………It was great to catch up with all the like minded people I know in Tasmania; I think Glenda was a bit blown away at how many I know.  I even caught up with my brother whom I hadn’t seen for almost three years, and an old friend whom I started working with way back in 1969 and hadn’t seen in maybe twenty years……  Bruce and I have this uncanny knack of crossing paths, he going to Queensland when I come to Tasmania; but not this time thankfully.  I also finally got to meet two other peakniks face to face (as opposed to facebook to facebook!) from

Kate, Daniel, and Glenda looking for Platypus

Kate, Daniel, and Glenda looking for Platypus

the now virtually defunct roeoz list (thank you Yahoo for wrecking the system…)  Kate is a native Taswegian, whilst Geoff just moved there only two weeks prior to our visit.  Getting moving tips from him was most worthwhile….

Some of the stories we heard about the political scene in Tasmania, the state of the medical and education systems, the seemingly endemic corruption at all levels of government led by entrenched families, would put most people off moving there….  but as the Matrix is bracing itself for collapse, I don’t believe it will end up making much difference where we live, it’s the climate that worries me most now.  Good health is largely a matter of looking after oneself, and education can always be done at home if you start from a half decent base.

Before leaving on our little holiday, we had to do a major cleanup to empty the house for the family who looked after our place and ensured the animals survived (Hi Ben and Rachel!), and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to selling Mon Abri.  There’s not much left to do, mostly refinishing the recycled windows and doors and tidying up the yard once it starts raining properly again.  I checked out the latest weather info for January, and it’s amazing….  we’ve had the second driest month on record with only one third the usual rainfall, and the hottest ever, a whopping 1.2 degrees above average.  The garden looks like it’s been nuked right now, even though we are having the odd shower as I write….  mind you, it was hotter in Hobart than in Brisbane the day we left!

We are expecting three American Wwoofers tonight, and I might just whip them up into a frenzy….  Tassie truly beckons now; it’s time……..




6 responses

30 01 2014
Jean Stasse

Sounds good…..hope you get the dream block!

31 01 2014

Sounds wonderful; I hope you make it there.

BTW, it wasn’t Yahoo that wrecked ROEOZ, it was DK who took everyone (who mattered) over to his site.


31 01 2014

Hi Bev….. well, yahoo wrecked it for me, because I used to manage the list from their website, and when they changed it, I couldn’t make heads or tails of anything that was going on, ditto with their email… I still read stuff sent there, but I don’t use it anymore, I can’t even work out how the contacts list works anymore.

31 01 2014

It was good to meet you both face to face rather than facebook.

31 01 2014

Indeed it was…….. can’t wait to make it down!

31 12 2015
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