TPP – Wikileaks has released another bombshell

12 12 2013

Published on 14 Nov 2013

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann. Wikileaks has released another bombshell – this time publishing a portion of text from the secretly negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership. Now that the text is out in the open – will lawmakers in Washington finally realize how devastating the TPP is to the American economy?

Will Australia’s………??

This needs to go viral.




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12 12 2013

My God, I do believe this. We need to stop buying ANYTHING before these corporations take over all our worlds.

13 12 2013

Reblogged this on The Tin Foil Hat Society and commented:
“To put it bluntly, The Trans Pacific Partnership would sacrifice national sovereignty, public health, and internet freedom, all in the name of helping private corporations keep their CEO’s wallets fat and their shareholders happy.”
Obama is PUSHING THIS to be done as soon as possible; he wanted it signed by the end of December but it’s likely it will be put off until the first part of January. WRITE YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE AND SENATORS PROTESTING THIS ABORTION OF A ‘TREATY’ THAT PUTS AMERICAN JOBS, FREEDOMS, AND NATIONAL SOVERIGNITY AT RISK!!!

15 12 2013

If you think it is bad for the USA with its economic power, think what it will do to countries like Chile, New Zealand and Australia.

15 12 2013

It will be absolutely devastating for everyone involved except the executives at the corporations and stockholders in those corporations.

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