The Pathology of the Rich

8 12 2013

Chris Hedges is my favourite tie wearing revolutionary…….  I found the below at Chris Hedges’ scathing indictment of a venal, morally bankrupt oligarchic ruling class…

I recommend the link for tons more good stuff…

“I think they know it’s going to be toast.  And I think they think that they’re going to retreat into their, you know, gated compounds and survive it.  And they may survive it longer than the rest of us, but in the end, climate change alone is going to get us….  they are creating systems in terms of exploitation not only of us but of the ecosystem that, if left unchecked, will ensure the extinction of the human species.  It may already be too late, of course.  But, you know, allowing the fossil fuel industry or these corporations to determine our relationship to the environment is a form of collective insanity at this point.”

—Chris Hedges



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15 12 2013
Rules for the Rich: Money and Wealth and Unhappiness | End Times Prophecy Report

[…] The Pathology of the Rich ( […]

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