How do you like the Long Emergency so far………..?

5 12 2013

James Howard Kunstler is one of my favourite writers.  No one has such a way with words, incisive, cynical, sarcastic, derisive, humorous, and also well written full of wit and clever imagery……

Here he is doing a TED talk.  Enjoy……..




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5 12 2013
Terry J Wall (@terryjw7)

The Polar Bears Will Have to Go
Humanity MAY still have a chance to save itself, if there were an international “call to arms” to plant trees in publicly owned land: Costing very little but job intensive, vote attracting and going right to the heart of the problem with carbon sequestration. The trees (forests) would also eventually provide food (increased humidity and rainfall) plus sustainable building materials.
Some of the reasons why this is extremely unlikely are:

Corporations won’t profit so will lobby to suggest the idea is stupid and our leaders will be taken in, as usual.

Rich countries won’t come on board, putting their efforts into getting the trees planted and forests saved in the developing countries, where food, warmth and survival is a matter of daily necessity which understandably overs rides some perceived future threat. Save the bloody Amazon should be answered with “Get your own treeless lands planted and we might try harder!”

Rich countries, once covered with forests which were harvested in the rush for “growth” over 150 years ago before oil was discovered, think that planting trees will be an interruption of the beauty of the natural landscape (Moors in the UK) (Treeless Rep. of Ireland) raped parks and reservations of the US, wasted over grazed properties in Australia; there are no exceptions. Think about the importance of running 3 sheep per hectare or the 20 tonnes of carbon that a hectare of trees will sequest.

Feral animals will have to be culled to allow the tree seedlings to establish, causing all manner of emotional stress amongst parts of the population.

The time left to get started is probably already too little.

We don’t seem to have any leaders that will take up this type of call. No individual thought, no spine, just greed and now we fear that the bears are doomed.

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