October Temperatures in Australia Off the Charts

18 11 2013


So who’s surprised…….  Australia’s national weather map looks like late Summer already, with a monsoonal trough arching right over the country from here in South East Queensland, right up the Pacific coast, over the top end, and down towards Broome.  We’ve had thunderstorms every night for a week now, sometimes two.  We missed out on much of the rain though, only getting 40 mm for the entire week; thankfully, we also missed out on the hailstorm that hit Maroochydore, dumping tennis ball sized stones all over the joint…..  All rainfall donations gratefully accepted, however, because whilst it’s normal for this time of year to be dry, it’s not normal for it to be as hot as this.  The evaporation rate was something else……  as good as last year’s garlic crop was, this one’s a total let down, way too hot for the past couple of months I’m sure, and all the water I threw at the veggie patch just disappeared in the heat, and the garden tank was almost dry.

All those storms sure make for some fine sunsets though…….

After the storm.........

After the storm………

I’ve now decided to buy (and have already prepared a pad for) another 23,000L tank to make sure we never run out of garden water again.  I have to act as though selling before next Autumn won’t happen, I just cannot take another chance, and besides it might make selling the place easier with more infrastructure in place.

Glenda and I attended the local Climate Action event at the Cooroora Institute, where some one hundred people showed up in heatwave coloured clothing (that’s me at extreme right in the Che Guevarra T Shirt..)  As usual of course, all the people there were already members of the choir, and the cynic in me truly wonders what difference this will make….  who’s listening?


We had a good time, it’s always good to catch up with other sane people, the food was good, and my cheese disappeared at the speed of light……!




6 responses

18 11 2013

Wow….Floods in Saudi!
….yeah nothing to see here, move along move along….


Tassie anyone?

19 11 2013

Yep…. everywhere you look, the weather’s shitting itself, it’s like the weather is slowly joining all the dots on the planet until it’s shit everywhere…….

19 11 2013
Mad Max

Wow this is becoming far worse and so much faster then I could of imagined. We are close to 1.5°C above average. We are passed the tipping point. I also went to climate action group in my town.

20 11 2013

All that plastic is probably not even 1% of the area of the ice that used to be there…….. it’s the huge size of the problem that makes it impossible to tackle.

21 11 2013
Bob Carver

Heads up! Just saw this in Arctic News: “The atmospheric temperature increase in Australia this year (0.22oC) indicates that in 10 years it will exceed 2.2oC and in 30 to 40 years, 6.6oC to 8.8oC.” And we here in the Northern Hemisphere thought you guys had lucked out.

21 11 2013

You can’t use one year’s worth of data to set any trends like that….. FORTUNATELY!!

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