Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb

18 11 2013

I wasn’t convinced about Guy McPherson’s assertion of Near Term Human Extinction…….  but now I’m not so unsure.  This really scary movie made me feel like blowing up coal railway lines and assassinating a few dickhead politicians. We are TOAST. IF you haven’t got the download bandwidth, let me know;  leave an address in a message, and I’ll send you a CD…. but the time to revolt has well and truly arrived.

The start’s a bit crap in my opinion, they even misspelled SPIRAL in the title…….  I recommend skipping the first ten minutes.



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18 11 2013
cheryl tonkin

Wouldn’t I LOVE to have the bandwidth to watch this online but NO luck out here where we live. A copy to :-

Cheryl Tonkin 76 High Chapparal Rd., Myola. 4881. Qld

Would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the great work.

Regards Cheryl

18 11 2013

Both scary and provocative. It is incredibly sad to see the consequences of the Arctic ice melting and the sub soils in the Tundra thawing, while we go about our daily business as if there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

There is a temptation at this point to accept that our fate is sealed and do nothing but that would involve ignoring what some might argue is our moral responsibility. Although the numbers at yesterday’s National Day of Climate Action seemed paltry they merely reflect the reality of today’s preoccupation with distraction and patently insignificant activity by the vast majority of the populace. However, it is this insignificant economic activity that the powerful elites want to protect at all costs, even at a cost to their own future well being.

In closing, I commend this saying to help us focus on the task ahead. “Once the “What” is decided, the “how” always follows. We must not make the “How” an excuse for not facing and accepting the “What”.” – Pearl S Buck

19 11 2013

The elites surely as hell won’t suffer. This time indeed is different in that the machine has inertia beyond any imagination. Assumed it keeps working, is being served and nothing critical breaks away, like after a Carrington E. or something.
The Americas have both very fine assets for long term seclusion and energy reserves. Lots of rainfall, water ways for trade, some soils (better than elsewhere), remoteness from global population centers.
What makes me angry and anxious though is the complete neglect of exponentially working processes in our ecosystem and our economy in our peasant economy. And I am not talking about interests or population, but automatization and efficiency gains. I believe Jevon’s Paradox depends really on the ability to comprehend and deploy the gains. When change comes so fast that whole branches of the economy sink into destitute misery, we are locked into status quo more than ever and we can tick off the social capital to build up “change capital”, which is locked into adaption, it is kind of like the possible demand crunch in oil.

20 11 2013

Goddam that’s sobering….

Can we institute Mandatory White coloured roofing for all new buildings? Cover up revealed land masses?

This massive Spanish tomato industry, has changed the landscape… Perhaps this on massive scale could help reduce the impacts from reflective loss

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