The Corporate Clusterfuck

11 11 2013

The term Clusterfuck was first coined by James Howard Kunstler.  He even calls his blog “Clusterfuck Nation”.  What brought this to this page you ask?  THIS image……..

corporateclusterfuckTo view this properly, you’ll have to click on it……  and then magnify it.  The resulting perusal will surely blow you away.  Not even I who shops sparingly and almost never buys processed food managed to find one or two items we occasionally purchase, such are the tentacles of the corporate Matrix……

I think most people’s first reaction is that “they had no idea”.  Well, it’s wakey wakey time.

Since Russell Brand’s infamous foray into the BBC’s Paxman show, there has been a lot of talk about ‘revolution’ on the internet, and I have to say I’ve written my fair share of it!  Revolutions, however, usually look ugly.  Syria, Lybia, and Egypt come to mind rather quickly.  But we could have a bloodless coup in my opinion.  If only the masses would wake up, even acknowledge that their cushy lifestyles are just a con.

The consumption of all that crap listed above (and it IS all crap…) destroys the environment, generates greenhouse gases, enslaves third world people, decimates fisheries, bees, and Orangutans (you’d be AMAZED at how many of the items on that list contain palm oil), and even kills people with sugar.  What does this lifestyle have going for it?  Absolutely NOTHING……

So here’s the plan.  Have a really good look at that list, memorise it, and stop buying that stuff.  You don’t even need it.

Take laundry detergent.  Years ago, my mate Bruce (mentioned here) was given a set of three stainless steel balls; apparently, if you put them in the washing machine with your laundry, the clothes would come out clean with no detergent at all.  So, being the adventurous type, Bruce had a go.  And magically, his clothes did come out clean….  But how could this possibly work?  So Bruce ran another experiment, this time he washed his clothes with no balls, and no detergent.  And lo and behold, they still came out clean……  and now, he washes everything except overalls covered in grease after working on machinery, with no detergent at all.  If you think about it, clothes were washed with no detergents for millenia!  So what’s different today?

Now if you stop using detergents, you eliminate petrochemical use, and all that plastic packaging.  And we all know what plastic packaging does to the environment…..

That’s just one idea……..  imagine if we all started baking our own bread, or making our own ice cream….  all items that use much plastic packaging that’s discarded after single usage.  Or grew and killed our own chickens so that none of them needed freezing or wrapping up in yet more plastic…

Maybe the revolution should start in your fridges and washing machines.  Stop consuming all that crap, and those corporations all go broke.  Vive la revolution!