WARNING: Beware of Abbott’s “Free Trade” Trojan horse!

10 11 2013

The Australian Independent Media Network

Does Tony have a cunning plan to do the politically impossible? asks Letitia McQuade.

Letitia continues:

Every so often someone does something so totally unfathomable, something so seemingly devoid of common sense that one is left scratching one’s head asking, “Why would anyone do that? What could they possibly hope to gain?”

While there are, to my mind, large swathes of government policy that fall into that category, few things have left me quite as perplexed as the possible inclusion of the so called ISDR provisions in any future Australian free trade agreements.

For those of you that haven’t been following this, ISDR is an acronym for “Investor State Dispute Resolution”, and in a nut shell what that would mean is that any foreign corporation (operating under an ISDR provision), that finds that our laws interfere with their business has the right to sue our governments for damages. Outrageous…

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2 responses

10 11 2013
Mad Max

I think protest will start soon against Abbott he is doing to many crimes against the Australian people. Low income have a big voice. Once they start feeling pain they hit the streets.

18 11 2013

It is apparently happening everywhere….
I think I might now have to agree with the conspiracy talk about global power elites creating a new world order.

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