David Suzuki’s Carbon Manifesto

27 10 2013

Incredible courage here from David Suzuki.  Very inspiring, as usual……….

However, even for that it is too little, too late.  There are no solutions now, only outcomes.  And none of the outcomes allow for a continuation of human life in an uninhabitable biosphere which climate chaos and Fukushima and all 450 nuclear reactors now guarantee us.

That being said, it is impossible to undervalue or understate the power of Suzuki’s message as a leader standing directly in the face of ever-more rapacious tyranny that is now openly pursuing the most reckless of policies to extract all the wealth and do as much damage without concern… before the lights go out for everything.

It is not the first time mankind has faced extinction.  There have been four ages before this.  They have been hidden from us.  And I now understand and accept that complete destruction and the end of life is the inevitable and necessary outcome before a new beginning can occur.  Michael Ruppert.