To tax or not to tax……. is it even a question anymore?

15 10 2013

Today, in that most illustrious of Murdoch’s newspapers, we have this attention grabbing headline:

PUP carbon tax support to cost $10bn

CLIVE Palmer is demanding Tony Abbott repeal the carbon tax retrospectively and refund billions in revenue in exchange for his party’s crucial Senate support in a move that would enable the businessman to escape a $6.2 million disputed charge for emissions.

The Palmer United Party has formed an alliance with the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s Ricky Muir, giving the bloc four of the six crossbench votes needed to pass legislation in the Senate without Labor or Greens support from July, subject to a recount in Western Australian.

PUP’s official policy is to scrap Labor’s carbon pricing regime but the party wants the repeal backdated to start of the carbon tax on July 1, 2012, so companies and households can be refunded.”

And who voted these morons in?  In the case of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s Ricky Muir, it was 0.5% of the electorate of NSW……  Luckily, there are still a few smart people around….

An independent report released today has found that ditching the carbon price in Australia will hit investment in the renewable energy sector—and almost certainly lead to an increase in electricity prices.

Bret Harper, the Director of Research at advisory firm RepuTex which was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund to write the report, says that without proper investment in renewable energy—made possible by a carbon price—wholesale electricity prices could rise by between five and ten per cent by 2020.

And while the findings of today’s Renewable Energy and the Carbon Price report appear to be counter intuitive, Mr Harper says the potential price hikes are already common knowledge among government and business.

You can download the ABC Radio RN audio clip here.

Now I could argue ad infinitum that quite likely having a Carbon Price is too little too late, and that nothing short of collapse of consumerist civilisation will affect Carbon emissions….. but is it any wonder the world’s in such deep shit when we elect ever more morons to be in charge…?

I reckon Climate Change will have gotten so much worse by the next election, we will have a near revolution at the polls.  And Clive Palmer will disappear, for good.




4 responses

15 10 2013

That’s just it, the morons and and madmen are in now charge of the asylum. Abbott’s three word slogans were specifically pitched to the “Great Unwashed” and when you consider that just over 50% of the population in Tasmania are functionally illiterate with the rest of Australians not too far behind no wonder we elect the sort of people to represent us.
In Tasmania, those who voted to “Axe the Tax” have cost themselves or the state government $80 in lost dividends from Hydro Tasmania as its carbon credits just went out the window. It will now most probably result in increased electricity prices and then just hear them scream about the impacts of the ‘carbon tax’. Everything including your mother-in-law is blamed on the carbon tax. Few understand it and most forget that they have already been compensated for the costs attributed to it and with it axed they will be doubly compensated but still moan about it.

15 10 2013

The problem is the belief that political parties as we know them will lead change. It is only when honest, independent people are elected to parliament by an active, involved and aware citizenry that things will change. Focusing on PUP rather than the destructive ignorance that Labor/Liberal political domination delivers demonstrates the point perfectly. Its well described by the Stockholm Syndrome. Yes, people are functionally illiterate too. Approximately 7 million Australian adults (46 per cent) have literacy scores below the minimum level needed to function fully in life and work. This is being observed the world over. Growing populations will always yield a spread of intelligence (yes genes do matter). And with large populations indifference to the greater good grows.Our current political elites survive, indeed thrive, by supporting the sheeple in their belief that there is “collective wisdom in individual ignorance” and so we vote. Following an election local/state federal and look at the terms used by the MSM…e.g. “the Liberal Party has won POWER”; “Abbott ready to RULE”. This occurs without censure. You want to impact on the environment? Forget about government. Walk & bike. Become a vegetarian. Reduce your caloric intake. Simplify your diet. Early to bed early to rise. Have only one child. Stay close to home (including holidays). Don’t keep a dog/cat. Reduce personal consumption by 90 percent because we’re never going to consume our way the a better world.

16 10 2013

Clive will sail off into the sunset on Titanic II, perhaps with animatronic dinosaurs!

16 10 2013

We live in Hopium……..!

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