Climate change questions and answers

14 10 2013

The Australian Independent Media Network

Anyone who has read Andrew Bolt, The Australian, or listened to any shock jocks such as Alan Jones recently would have been overwhelmed with the number of rabid claims that climate change is a hoax, a left-wing conspiracy theory, or that any change stopped over a decade ago. Sadly, this is the view held by our mainstream media and even more sadly, our new government. Neither seem interested in the facts.

Just over a week ago the the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) published Questions and Answers: climate change where they addressed some of the common questions raised about the changing climate and the science involved in studying it.

The media ignored it. The government ignored it. And as a result, you probably don’t know about it. After all, it was nothing more than a collection of facts: facts that contradicted what the media and government would want…

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14 10 2013
Graham Palmer

Good morning Mike, I don’t sleep well these days,I wonder why, and listened to this program on ABC RN last night. It isn’t just climate change but the damage we have done to the biosphere that is going lead to a certain collapse.This is a series of short versions of TED talks with George Monbiot giving a curious sliver of hope followed by several other talks on the break down of the connectivity of nature. Graham

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15 10 2013

Sorry for the test comment but … I’m testing out WordPress in preparation for future commenting. I’m in the U.S. but I may become a regular reader of this blog.

I discovered it when I found the picture of the recumbent cargo bike (also known as an XYZ spaceframe vehicle here:

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