Are we held to ransom?

13 10 2013

Another guest post by Matt Moran……

Matt Moran

Matt Moran

“It was just mentioned on ABC news that 1 in 8 houses are sold to overseas buyers and investors – that is certainly not helping the housing shortage here!”

I do wonder why Australians continue to be held hostage to the greedy and/or ignorant.  Why must we suffer housing un-affordability and economic/ecological ruin because the banks, property speculators, and developers, continue to lobby Liberal and Labor to run what is pure and simple, a ponzi scheme.

The global average for net immigration is zero – that’s right, zero. That means that immigration equals emigration. Have a look at the graph on this page which gives relative levels of net immigration to local population growth. Only a fool would buy that there’s a legitimate reason (economic or humanitarian) for us to be running the net immigration levels shown.


So what’s the target net intake for this year?  190,000 – but that’s a higher target than last year and net immigration (or NOM) actually ended up around 255,000.  Why?  Who can this possibly benefit?  You?  Not unless you’re one of the decreasing few that benefits from the misery of growing numbers of people here and abroad.  Otherwise you’re much worse off.  Our children?  Nope, they will be worse off.  Increasingly our kids are having to compete for the low skilled positions that helps them get into the job market and missing out.

That we are also wiping out our Koalas, Quolls and Numbats (indeed, we lead the world in mammal extinction) in this blind pursuit of covering what little arable land we have (i.e. that which we aren’t flogging off to China, India or Qatar) is crazy.

What of our food, water and energy security?

Indeed, I do wonder how much longer Australians will be held to ransom?  Or will Australians start to increasingly look at these figures and realise that parties like the Stable Population Party are actually not aextinbout manipulating population, but more about stopping the manipulation by our government and big business and actually more about giving freedom to manage fertility that billions in poverty are crying out for.   This my friends is a cruel and vicious policy that we and future generations are paying for.  Time to say enough??




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