Abbott is hiding from the future

29 09 2013

The Australian Independent Media Network

Future-signMy definition of maturity is the ability to be resolute in doing something challenging now which will improve our lives in the future. Unfortunately for future Australians, Abbott’s Liberal National government is completely lacking in this maturity. In opposition, Abbott’s team spent six years bashing Labor for taking on challenges to improve our future. In government, they have advocated a ‘me, me, me, now, now, now’ approach to their policy agenda, appealing to the electorate’s most selfish, short-sighted, immature instincts.

Abbott is no doubt pleased today to find that this approach has got him into power. Becoming PM was all he ever wanted. But what about the future? Whether he likes it or not, while he stands still and looks back, time rolls on towards the future. The problem for Abbott is he only ever thought as far as the election. As far as the moment where he could display…

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