How Should a Conservationist Vote?

25 09 2013
Another guest post by Matt Moran……

Matt Moran

Matt Moran

Peter Wilkinson is rather forthright – this is probably not going to appeal to the Greens as it is rather forthright. But it may provide some insights on why support for the Greens is falling.

“The degradation of our environment is a function of the number of feet trampling on it and how hard they tread.Obviously the first priority is to limit the growth in population, and immigration is supplying most of that growth. It is absolutely amazing that so far in the campaign neither side has mentioned population or immigration. Nothing is more fundamental and irreversible. The elephant in the room? Or the shameful family secret that squabbling cousins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee won’t mention? (As the campaign moves on their policies move closer together, both are now big spenders.) The Greens have abandoned the environment as their reason for being. They concentrate on the fashionable concerns of the inner suburbs cognoscente – homosexual marriage, drug legalization, looking after illegal immigrants, global warming. Never do they give a number of how many refugees we should accept, let alone net immigration, which is never discussed. Their social program scares off people with conservative social values into thinking that the environment is for nutters. By seizing the environment as their patch they inhibit other parties taking up the cause.”





One response

26 09 2013

I don’t disagree that Australia can only support a small population, possibly even smaller than current estimates once the fossil fuels are gone.
However, I’m not convinced that immigration policies will make much difference in the long run. It’s hard to predict the details of the impact of peak oil/energy descent and early effects of climate change, but wars and mass global migration are likely to be part of it. Large numbers of people might come here whether we want them to or not.

Reigning in global population growth through funding effective programs (such as The Girl Effect perhaps) might be useful, but are likely to be too little too late.

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