Population growth bankrupting the country

20 09 2013

A guest post by Matt Moran, who stood for the Stable Population Party at the 2013 Federal election.

It’s like a bad pantomime. In the biggest mining boom in Australia’s history which earned 300 billion dollars, WA and indeed Australia should have enough money to fund all of its needs as well as increase our foreign-aid commitment.   But, time and time again, those in charge of the figures do not cost population growth economically (let alone ecologically) and only acknowledge that it helps grow our GDP.  Hence growing numbers of people are left languishing in ruin both here and abroad.

Matt Moran
Matt Moran

Growing numbers of Australians get up in arms about the sell-off of our finite resources, CSG fracking, using dirty coal but because of the cavernous vacuum in understanding and indeed, the unwillingness to appreciate that for the majority of people who are still having larger families, it’s a sentence of ignorance rather than freedom of informed choice.

As always, the solution is at hand.  Stop embarking down the reckless path of 3rd world population growth here (we can see where that leads by looking at Egypt, Brazil, Ethiopia, Turkey, Syria etc), and start focusing foreign aid in empowering men and women to make informed choices through education, ecological awareness and voluntary access to contraception. The sooner we do that, the sooner we start actually giving ourselves a chance.  Consider this, there are an estimated 220 million women globally, desperately calling out for access to decent contraception, yet, because of whatever unwillingness we have to discuss population maturely, we’ve bankrupted the country, consigned additional multitudes to misery and further ensured that species extinction, deforestation and ocean floor clearing continue at worsening rates.

“Premier Colin Barnett was defiant, denying the downgrade was a reflection on his financial management and blaming WA’s declining share of GST, rapid population growth and the Budget’s increasing reliance on volatile mining revenues.”

For an example on how the conversation can be changed, have a look at this: http://www.populationmedia.org/2012/08/29/greetings-from-nigeria/




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