Fostering prosperity without growth

3 09 2013

I recently got a new car radio for the ute, a kind of Father’s day present….. and it has this facility for playing MP3 files off memory sticks or SD cards instead of playing CDs.

Tim Jackson

I’m not really one for downloading gigabytes of pirated music, but prefer to listen to podcasts like the one I just posted featuring David Suzuki and Jeff Rubin.  If I can work out how to save the file (haven’t managed it yet with that CBC file above..) I’ll do so such that it allows me to listen to it more than once thus saving my precious bandwidth.

One such file that was on my computer and which I can now listen to on my new toy in the car is a brilliant lecture by Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey and the Economics Commissioner at the UK Sustainable Development Commission.

Even though it is now three years old, it is as applicable today as it ever was.  Jackson speaks clearly and logically and is a pleasure to listen to.  Talks like this should be compulsory school curriculum in my opinion….