The Scientists are Wrong……. it’s worse than they thought…

22 08 2013

Thanks to Wibble for leading me to this video.  It really makes you wonder if ‘they’ are not softening us up for some very bad news from the IPCC Report due out soon…




4 responses

22 08 2013

Thanks for the hat tip. I heard somewhere a while back that the next IPCC report would actually be a scary one. I live in hope (yes, that does seem odd, but unless people start waking up in droves I think we’re seriously screwed).

It will certainly be interesting reading…

22 08 2013

Thanks Mike. What can one say,,, Still moving to Tassie? I am!

23 08 2013

So Sam, what are you planning, Tassie wise I mean?

23 08 2013

I often think of the book and movie “On the Beach”, which shows Melbourne as the last place for human die-off. But of course that dubious honor really belonged to Tasmania. May still be the case……

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