It’s enough to make you feel sick…..

15 08 2013

One more proof the world’s gone mad.  As if we needed more.

And people wonder why I crave the collapse…..




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15 08 2013

DtM, please don’t say that you “crave the collapse” – otherwise you’ll put yourself in the same basket as the survivalist weirdos who want the world to end “just so they can prove everyone who laughed at them wrong”. Very generous of them – hope for catastrophic change that will probably result in the deaths of billions of people just so they can say, “Ha! I was right after all!”

15 08 2013

Jim, I DO crave the collapse……….. and no I’m not crazy. The longer the collapse takes to come, the worse it will be as every day more and more people arrive on the planet.

Besides, it’s also the ONLY solution to Climate Change and possibly Near term Extinction.

In ANY case…….. billions WILL die. NOBODY gets out of this game alive. Every one of the 7.2 billions alive today WILL die, no ifs no buts.

So what are you worried about…..?????

15 08 2013

That is nuts.

15 08 2013

Look what we have become. I’m with you. Bring on the collapse.

15 08 2013

Mike, while I can understand how you could come to such a conclusion, such an extreme position leaves us without hope. We might as well party and use up all our oil etc. to bring it on. Isn’t a positive change in behavior a better outcome? Rather than collapse, what if things slowly decline, rather than going off a cliff and we learn to adapt to much lower living conditions, along the lines of your lifestyle?

15 08 2013

Gary……. partying and using up all the oil WILL bring on the collapse. We are between the clicheed “rock and a hard place”…

The better behaviour outcome would be great, except we are already in overshoot. Too late AFAIC…

15 08 2013

This is what happens when one third of humanity reaches a first world standard of living. Imagine what it would look like when another 2 billion reach it. Although it is unlikely to do so before the system collapses I fear it will have a damn good try. We will have to accept a lower standard of living if we are to survive but knowing human nature few are going to accept that. My reading tells me we would rather die attempting to keep our current lifestyle than accept anything less.

15 08 2013
Brendon Crook

Processed food for processed humans. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of warped sicko would sit down and design a machine to sweep birds up a conveyor belt………………………

15 08 2013
Zev Paiss

Wow what a mind bender first thing in the morning. It is the scale that is so boggling. If you want another perspective on sustainable food production check out the idea of growing vegetables and fish close to where we live. It could be a game changer when it comes to food deserts, local jobs, water conservation and local sustainability. I know that the national Aquaponics Association is having their annual conference this September in Tucson, AZ for anyone who wants to learn a lot more.

15 08 2013
len gardener

g’day zev,

now you are getting very near what we should be doing as a community truer sustainability, but it must be out of the hands of corporate greed, grow food near where we live so we can buy it in season and fresh and the farmer gets a fare shake, that is farmer and community all live at the same/similar standard. for those who may not understand eg.,. beans we say pay $6 a kilo for in the rip off markets which are a long way from fresh and safe to eat(full of chem’ residuals), the farmer might get about .60 or so cents a kilo for. if the farmer lived near by and got say $4 a kilo for fresh untainted beans from us we are heaps better off and so is the farmer.

now to picture this workable concept forget the mega broad acre factory farms situated k’s away somewhere. these local farmers would have 10 to 20 acres to grow seasonal staples any other people may need they should be able to grow themselves, it works in Asian communities. where a farmer grow rice, and carp to swim around the rice paddy cleaning up muck and ducks to keep bugs away, then he sells this affordable fresh food to the neighbourhood.

people are going to be famished long before mike collapse occurs

living in coast enclaves and cities may not be safe.


15 08 2013
len gardener

forgot to say zev,

farming fish is another story, we need fish but we need to catch them in a more sustainable and less damaging way, oh! not room for selling any product anywhere but locally, we all maybe able to afford fresh fish then currently fish is far from fresh and definitely not affordable, and if we don’t grasp thins our tables will be flooded with polluted auqua products from asia.


15 08 2013
Paul Handover

I couldn’t watch the video because it was clear what was being presented. But while there are no signs at this present time that we are going to avoid a huge collapse of the human species, never forget the unwritten law regarding the power of unforeseen circumstances.

The pace of growing awareness of the madness of our present times is breath-taking and maybe, just maybe, in 20 years time people will look back and be amazed at the changes that happened.

15 08 2013
len gardener

the pace of growing awareness you say paul?

what visible awareness do you see? the only awareness I see is human misery inflicted on other especially in melbourne and Sydney, the only other is people clamouring for sport, as is the want of the string pullers, the only ones who maybe feel they are aware are clamouring to churches and all sorts of religions, includes the sciences and the dark side.

the only way to stop what is happening in the video, stop worshipping the greedy rich and famous, as is done all too often.


17 08 2013
Wake Up Nate

“Hope” is not something we’re owed, but something we earn by examining our predicament – facing it head-on using facts, critical thinking, and strength. Hope is not given, it is earned.

Our societies are not doing the necessary groundwork to earn hope. Don’t ask Mike to give it to you.

I’m tired of people labelling those of us who look at facts, logic, relationships, and history as “pessimists”. Give me a break. Educate yourself and, if you find valid contrary facts to what’s been presented which give you “optimism” or “hope”, bring it to the discussion. Then, let’s get to work. Until then, people like Mike and I will be trying to wake people the hell up.

I’ll add that taking videos of food production facilities its being legally equated to terrorism in the US (the rationale being, I presume, that terrorists would be interested in studying videos of how to impact the food production system). So, look for fewer and fewer glimpses of the reality of industrial meat production, less and less accountability and transparency of the same, and likely, more horrors going on behind closed doors.

Have a nice day.

17 08 2013

A pessimist is a well informed optimist…….

24 08 2013

It’s not everywhere the same. I eat most of my meat unprocessed and from within 40 Miles. But I long the day, when meat prices go through the roof. More quality meat for me. No house, no car, no waste. More money for food.
Enjoy your ride!

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