The Evolution of Society through a Crash

13 08 2013

I’m really starting to like this Simon Michaux fellow…….

Someone left a comment here today with a link to his rather long (1h 19m) presentation….. but it’s worth every minute of it if you have the bandwidth.




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19 01 2014

hey, I found your post on The Evolution of Society through a Crash, a lecture by Simon Michaux. I thought you may be interested to know that Simon and I are starting to work together on a few things and will be joining forces to do more lectures on the current and future impacts, warning signs and privacy (an area I am passionate about).

There are a lot of issues in the world at the moment however there are some very simple solutions. We will post our previous and current work on in the forum. If you are interested I can let you know the dates of our up coming lectures and speeches.

25 05 2014
John Doe

Hi there!
Great video and series of discussiong: very thought provoking stuff!
I had the privilege of attending first hand the discussion at the Fenner 2013; where the majority of scientists afterwards agreed with the timescales discussed by Ehrlich, Lowe and Michaux. Hadyn Washington was in attendance and so was Jane O’Sullivan, all in all a very comprehensive event.
Jenny Goldie and Richard Denniss made some very good jokes at the dinner afterwards.
Discussing the matter further with Michaux afterwards;
he spoke about there being many variables. I asked Ehrlich and Michaux what they thought the odds were of BOTH a new green revolution AND technological singularity within the critical interval… their response was humorously blunt and would make a great cartoon.
We later all sat around in the courtyard and tried to determine what kinds of variables we would be looking at… to make a better approximation. I brought up Dave Coutts’ work, and tried to approach the problem with a skeptical, open mind…
Its a slim chance, but we might just make it…
I’d concur with Ehrlich that its a non-zero value, something similar to the chances of an agent with a smart-typewriter stumbling by chance across shakespeares works…

I also thank Bartlett for including in his work The Essential Exponential! that awesome anticipatory text on ‘other world-bottles’ as not an enduring solution unless humanity learns from the past…
PR Sarkar’s body of work also makes for amusing reading.

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