Michael Reynolds – an Ordinary Man, Changing the World Home by Home

30 07 2013

You have to read this……. what an amazing bloke.




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30 07 2013
len gardener

not sure about his earth ships?? could be quite expensive and not suited to some climes(regardless of climate change) our eco’ home designed for tropic to temperate makes sue of aspect and northern sun for our winters, needs no air con’ or heating.

come visit us:


3 pages 1.. essay 2.. frame pic’s 3.. house pic’s


30 07 2013

About the only place I wouldn’t build one is in the tropics where you need airflow….. but for thermal mass, you can’t beat an Earthship, or a bermed house (which is what I’m planning to build in Tassie)

I think ramming tyres with dirt by swinging a 14 lb sledge hammer is a young man’s pursuit…… me, I’m too old, and when we move I want to build fast before TSHTF or I kick the bucket! Whichever comes first.

30 07 2013
The Overthinker

Cheers for linking Mike! I’m also an avid reader of damnthematrix and really appreciate your work here 🙂

Mike Reynolds is a fascinating man whose single-minded determination in his work is far more holistic than many would give him credit for at first glance. The waste our civilization has generated has to be dealt with somehow, and this is a useful approach to integrating it into our lives in a way that makes a strong statement alongside having an almost neutral environmental impact.

BTW – I’ve done an Earthship building workshop with Martin Freney in Adelaide and it was a helluva lot of hard work – that sledging ain’t for softies! Still, it was good exercise and I learnt a lot more about the technicalities of Earthships from the man whose PhD is in Earthship energy efficiency – a matter of great importance over the long decline we are facing in the post-peak everything era.

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