Did my place just go up $20,000 in value…………???!

30 07 2013

This is an edited version of an article first published by Solar Business Services.

Clean Energy Week 2013 wrapped up on Friday night after three days of presentations, discussions and schmoozing at the expo. In case you didn’t make it, here’s my wrap (not ‘my’ as in DTM’s ‘my’…) up of the key things we learned and saw. Well done to the Clean Energy Council team for working really hard to make it happen.

Quote of the conference

Although I missed the presentation I heard a great quote about a major shift amongst consumers by LJ Hooker. The real estate company presented on a ‘liveability’ program and scoring system it has introduced for renters and buyers of homes it markets; which is a clever evolution of historic attempts to engage consumers on home sustainability.

In her presentation, sustainability manager Cecille Waldon was quoted as saying that a new trend has emerged driving the development of their program –“Home buyers are today, consistently asking to see power bills as a crucial part of the decision-making process when buying homes; energy consumption really matters.” If there was ever a sign that power costs (and the potential for solar) has arrived, it is this.


Did my place just go up $20,000 in value…………???!




One response

12 08 2013
Daniel Boon

The ‘Energy Assessors Association’ formed in Qld a couple of years ago to address and (try to) facilitate an energy assessment certification – as done in the ACT – for rental and sold properties. The REIQ wanted to include it in their job function, but on learning you need to be accredited, poo pooed the idea with the state government and the rest -as they say – is history.

You (Mike) attended one of the first meetings at Mitchelton set up my a bloke by the name of Hensman, who quickly outed himself through opportunistic ploys to direct ‘assessors’ through arrangements he had made with several companies … the ‘association’ died off / underwent a name change to attract anyone wishing to conduct ‘energy assessments’ for businesses … his wife is now the front for the organisation (Pat Hensman) …

But back to the question … arguably, your property produces a passive income, so why not …

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