Ghost Plane

23 07 2013

I follow George Monbiot; he is a good journalist.  I don’t always agree with what he writes, but this one’s a corker………  he may even have seen the light re the end of industrialisation, with classics like:

There is a real possibility that if the commission approves any of the extravagant schemes put before it, Britain will be building ghost airports for ghost planes. Already, in another transport sector – road traffic – the volume seems to be peaking much earlier than the Department for Transport forecast(11). If this happens, the department could be sued by investors in privately financed road schemes, who take their money through tolls or shadow tolls(12). Perhaps the United Kingdom will one day be littered with schemes like Spain’s Ciudad Real airport and its 4,000m international runway, upon which, since April 2012, only birds have alighted(13). Or the twin towers of Benidorm’s In Tempo, Europe’s tallest residential building, which was supposed to absorb a booming tourist industry, but which remains unfinished and empty(14). “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Stand in the desert …”

I’m of the opinion that flying will be one of the first victims of Peak Oil and economic collapse.

Ghost Plane.




One response

24 07 2013
Graham Palmer

George Monbiot may be correct when talking about the numbers flying in and out of the UK but my observations here don’t reflect any reduction in numbers. The two airline groups are battling for market share and adding capacity. In Asia airlines are growing exponentially and are ordering new planes in the hundreds if not thousands. A virtually unknown Indonesian airline, Lion Air has over 400 planes on order. What do they know about climate change? If you check out an app FlightRadar it shows the number of airline flights in the air at any one time. One can only look and be aghast at the number of flights that now link almost every point on the planet. If ever there was an example of denial this must be it. In closing take a look at some of the “best flight prices” websites to see how you can have a few days in Asia for a few hundred bucks or fly to Paris for a weekend for little more. Madness.

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