Can you smell the stench…?

20 07 2013

“An­other great chal­lenge of our age is asylum seekers. The bib­lical in­junc­tion to care for the stranger in our midst is clear. The par­able of the Good Samar­itan is but one of many which deal with the mat­ter of how we should re­spond to a vul­ner­able stranger in our midst. That is why the gov­ern­ment’s pro­posal to ex­cise the Aus­tralian main­land from the en­tire Aus­tralian mi­gra­tion zone and to rely al­most ex­clus­ively on the so-called Pa­cific Solu­tion should be the cause of great eth­ical con­cern to all the Chris­tian churches. We should never for­get that the reason we have a UN con­ven­tion on the pro­tec­tion of refugees is in large part be­cause of the hor­ror of the Holo­caust, when the West (in­clud­ing Aus­tralia) turned its back on the Jew­ish people of Ger­many and the other oc­cu­pied coun­tries of Europe who sought asylum dur­ing the ’30s.”  

Kevin Rudd  October 2006

Seven years is a long time in politics.  Yesterday, our Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea signed the ‘Regional Resettlement Agreement’.  This means that any asylum seeker who comes to Australia by boat will be turned back to Papua New Guinea and resettled there.  Politics, it appears, is all about winning elections, stuff principles.  Even faith based ones.  And some wonder why I am so skeptical of religion…… or politics for that matter.

Syrian Refugee Camp

I see this conundrum as one with no solution.  Well, at least no solution compatible with the running of ANY form of Business as Usual.  The core of the problem is, as usual, overpopulation, and we all know how badly Catholics – like Abbott and Rudd – deal with these issues.  Or Muslims for that matter.  Populate or perish is fast becoming populate and perish……. and if you think Australia has a refugee problem, then check out the refugee queue in Syria…!

This is what happens when a country runs out of oil and water and foreign currency.  They start killing each other, they blame whoever is in charge, and those who don’t have access to guns simply run away….  except there is nowhere to run away to, there is no Planet B.  How long before we start seeing Syrian refugees (or Egyptian…) on our precious borders is anyone’s guess.

I think this issue is fast becoming the one that affects my sanity the most……  it drives me to despair.  I can cope with running out of oil, I can cope with having to make do without a car, I’ve already worked out how to make do with sweet bugger all electricity, but I honestly cannot cope with the thought of Australia, already overpopulated, being invaded by potentially millions of refugees from all over the world.

Aren’t we just good Catholic boys now….

Don’t get me wrong, I truly feel sorry for these people.  How can you not…?  After all, it was us who bombed the hell out of their countries and/or stole their oil…  And certainly, I am privileged to have gotten here first.  No ifs no buts.  But believe me when I say none of the three major parties, the Liblabs and the Greens, have any understanding of the problem.

Australians exhibit a fear of this ‘invasion’ that isn’t justified.  Compared to the problems facing Europe with similar boat people attempting to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa, ours is a mere trickle.  The trickle could of course turn into a flood, and I have to say we who don’t live in a major Australian city are somewhat protected from this…..  you will just about never see a Muslim wearing traditional dress on the Sunshine Coast.  Glenda and I were gobsmacked when, upon arriving in Sydney and catching a train to reach Steve Harrison’s workshop, every second person on the train was a foreigner.  It really felt like we had reached an overseas destination……..  You don’t see Muslims in Tasmania either I might add.  I’m sure some exist, but we haven’t crossed paths yet……  I hate to admit it, but we felt uncomfortable.  I don’t want to think it’s a racist thing, it’s more of a cultural one.  We do all prefer to live in our own culture; and when overseas we are fascinated by other cultures…..  but not threatened by them, because we are visitors.

Next week (July 24 to be precise), we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of my family’s arrival in this country.  My Mother’s French accent is still as thick as, but we have all managed to assimilate into Australian culture.  In fact, by the time I was 25, you would have been hard pressed to detect that I was not Australian born.  But many of these refugees do not even try to assimilate.  Their children may…. but of course when collapse really sets in, who knows what will happen?  Perhaps people in this country of ours unconsciously know collapse is on the way, and that it may all turn into a “them versus us” situation, and let’s face it, they’ve had far more practice at street violence and persecution than most of us whiteys…….

Australia, just like the rest of the world, is already in overshoot.  We just don’t know it yet.  Well maybe some are starting to suspect.  This whole mess, as far as I am concerned, is another sure sign the collapse has begun, and political parties are all pretending they are doing something about it, except they are merely treating the symptoms, not the disease…….

If there’s a Stable Population Party candidate here at the next election, I’d be inclined to vote for them……..  but I fear it’s way way too late already.  I can smell the stench already……..




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20 07 2013
len gardener

The GOD of creation that we here worship tells us to love one another as brothers and sisters as family, we must not only know our enemy but love him as well, that would stop the killing.

Yes we must also be charitable but our Lord says we are not to give up our home/culture, well most have given up, nay, turned their back on our cultural roots, so these immigrants seeking refuge get poor treatment.

I suggested before and I’ll suggest it again, create intercept points for these refugees, even if in Indonesia etc.,. fly them in and begin processing them whilst they are in transit so those who don’t qualify can be flown out to their own country or another which is not in turmoil (even that stinks a bit for me it is their own country or here, unless the pope and his UN want to create a country for them). Use the money they pay to smugglers to supplement their flights, at least they’d be safe.

But until we have a constitution that recognised our true culture from our roots then these people have no idea what we stand for, that leaves us vulnerable, in Islamic countries they tell you what their culture is if you wish to live there, we have nothing to guide these immigrants, past immigrants knew they were coming to a country that worshipped God.

Imagine now we make them the responsibility of Papua, how spineless, the Papuan gov’ can little look after its people anymore than what the oz gov’ can. Papua as well should be under UN charter to take refugees of their own.

So we need to tighten our culture so these people will assimilate like past immigrants did. But not take over. Yes it stinks we are no longer a “Christian” society, and people suffer because of that.

Good luck,


20 07 2013

Len…….. religion IS the problem. It’s the problem of one religion thinking that it is the right one and all the others are wrong.

And religion is NOT culture. It influences culture, certainly in the arts, and sometimes even in the food the people eat, though if you look deep into that it’s usually the environmental pressures at the place of birth of one religion or another that dictates what they eat, and then it’s transplanted into places where it doesn’t work as the religion/culture spreads. trust me, when Peak Oil really bites hard, nobody will have a choice in what they eat, they’ll eather consume what’s growing locally, or they will starve.

“The GOD of creation that we here worship tells us to love one another as brothers and sisters as family, we must not only know our enemy but love him as well, that would stop the killing.”

YES……. that has worked so well for millenia…


21 07 2013
Clare Rudkin

As yet, refugees are not a problem in Australia. The number of people in our area (Malaysia and Indonesia) requiring resettlement is small in comparison to our total intake of migrants. We can easily resettle them. It is not a population issue. The issue has been politicised and as far as I am concerned is as racist as Hitler and the Jews. If it ever becomes a population issue, then we might have to become heartless in order to protect ourselves. The idea that immigrants do not integrate with our community is ancient. We were saying exactly that about the Southern Europeans back in the 60s and 70s (we called them ‘wogs’). Anyone who is racially identifiable cops this sort of stuff.

21 07 2013

Hi Clare, maybe I didn’t express myself properly, because it IS a population issue…. it is a population issue in the countries where these people come from where conflict is caused by already diminishing amounts of available resources. and it will soon be one here too when the oil runs out over the next six or seven years and we suddenly realise that feeding ourselves is a big ask if the trucks stop stockpiling the supermarkets!

Global population is bang on schedule to start collapsing ~ 2025. That’s TWELVE YEARS away…….!! I’ve known you for a long time, but maybe you should read up on a few things that have been written here, and maybe this could be a good place to start:

10 03 2014
Bob Manton

An article I read this week throws light on the problem overseas.
This chap got in a train in London to head down into Kent.
He was amazed to find that it was not until the train was well down into Kent that he heard English spoken.
We are not quite that bad…. yet.

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