Weather is not Climate

13 07 2013

One of the people who leaves lots of comments here and is obviously not a believer in Climate Change said today “Weather is not Climate”.  Which is 100% correct.  However……….  it’s the STRINGS of recent catastrophes happening more and more often that makes me utterly convinced the weather is going down the toilet.

So I did some research and found this on Wikipedia……  Note how ALL floods (of any notoriety) between 1342 and 1950 (roughly six hundred years) occupy about ONE FOURTH the space of all floods since 1950 (or roughly sixty five years – or 1/10th the time period)

A quick calculation works the frequency at about forty fold……..  or 4000% increase in events frequency.  Now I’m not saying this is a scientific way of doing this, but there’s a clear trend here, no?

Floods by date

Prior to 1950




  • On the night of 9 June 1972 the people of Rapid City, South Dakota in the United States were struck by a deadly flood that lasted two days. It took 238 lives and caused millions of dollars in damage.
  • In 1974, the dying cyclone Wanda triggered major flooding in Brisbane, Australia killing 6 people and leaving hundreds homeless.
  • In 2 July 1975, many areas of Romanian Cuverture Charpatinas (e.g. Buzau, Prahova County), were struck by major flooding.
  • In August 1975, the Banqiao Dam in China breaks apart under excess rainfall and damage from Typhoon Nina, drowning about 26,000 and caused the lives of another 140,000 in resulting epidemics.


  • During the 1980s, the Great Salt Lake reached record high water levels due to a large amount of rain and its lack of an outlet. Places such as Saltair were inundated.
  • The South African town of Laingsburg was basically destroyed on 25 January 1981, when 104 of its 900 inhabitants died during a flood that swept threw the town and left only about 25 houses standing
  • In 1982, the river Jucar in Spain breaks the Tous Reservoir, flooding the surrounding land in a deluge of 16,000 m3/s of water, and killing 30 people.
  • In the winter of 1983, the Pacific Northwest of the United States saw one of the worst floods on record for that region, and some states recorded their wettest winter ever. Damage estimates are as high as $1.1 billion.


  • January 1992 saw severe floods in South America, most notably Brazil.
  • In Alaska, United States, from May to September 1992 it was unusually wet, causing the 100 year flood. Snow melt only made the floods worse.
  • The Great Flood of 1993 was one of the most destructive floods in United States history.
  • March 1993 the “No Name” storm, silently brought major flooding to Citrus County, Florida.
  • The summer of 1993 was unusually wet for the United States, causing flooding in the southwest.
  • 1994 South Georgina floods
  • On 8 May 1995, severe floods caused extensive damage in Louisiana, United States.
  • A dying typhoon hit Kyushu, Japan, in September 1996, causing severe floods in that region.
  • July 1996 saw severe floods in Central Honshū, Japan.
  • 1997 Central European flood, the worst flood in Polish history hits the country in July 1997, killing 65 and causing extensive damage to Wroclaw and Opole.
  • The Red River Flood of 1997 (also called the Red River of the North Flood of 1997 in the United States) occurred in April and May 1997 along the Red River of the North in North Dakota, Minnesota (United States) and Manitoba (Canada). It was the most severe flooding of the river since 1826.
  • Bangladesh was flooded in 1998, with millions of people affected and hundreds killed.
  • The 1998 Yangtze River Floods left 14 million people homeless, killed hundreds, and left billions of pounds worth of damage.
  • The 1999 Pentecost flood (German: Pfingsthochwasser) was a 100-year flood around the Pentecost season in 1999 that mostly affected Bavaria, Vorarlberg and Tirol. It was caused by heavy rainfall coinciding with the regular Alpine meltwater.



  • Between May 2010 and August 2010, flooding in China affected more than 230 million people – with 15.2 million people evacuated and thousands dead.
  • On 26 July 2010, heavy monsoon rains flooded most of Pakistan in the 2010 Pakistan floods.
  • On 4 August 2010, at 9:25 am EST a major thunderstorm producing large hail and winds in excess of 60 mph (97 km/h) advanced at the leading edge of a cold front moving across the American Midwest, causing a flash flood that struck Louisville, Kentucky, and portions of the surrounding Kentuckiana region.
  • In November 2010, many areas of Cornwall, UK, were struck by floods. The worst hit area was the town of Par.
  • The November 2010 Colombia floods and associated landslides killed 138 persons. 1.3 million were left homeless.
  • The 2010–2011 Queensland floods are some of the worst the country of Australia has ever seen.
  • The January 2011 Brazil floods are considered the worst in the country’s history. As of 18 January 2011, the floods had taken about 700 lives and 14,000 people were homeless mainly due to landslides.
  • In June 2011, flooding in China affected more than 4.8 million people, with 100,000 evacuated and 54 reported dead.
  • In late July, the 2011 Thailand floods spread through the provinces of Northern, Northeastern and Central Thailand along the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins and persisted in some areas until mid-January 2012.
  • In August–September 2011, there was floods in Khammouane Province in Laos, and then in northeastern Thailand, then came to Cambodia, and was drained via Mekong river to Vietnam then South China Sea.
  • On 18 October 2011, Pulau Tioman of Malaysia was flooded in Kampung Tekek, and the jungle near the village, then came up to Salang on 23 October 2011, the drain was started in November.
  • Around November 2011, northern part of Malaysia was flooded, and then to Narathiwat Province in Thailand.
  • In July 2012, heavy torrential rains caused floods in Kyushu, Japan, leaving 32 people dead or missing.
  • In 2012 Great Britain and Ireland floods caused many floods in the United Kingdom, in April floods and gales hit most of England causing flooding and power outages, on the 28 June 2012 there were two severe supercell thunderstorms which traveled across the West Midlands causing flash flooding, on 6 July 2012 heavy rainfall brought floods to the South West of England with the Met Office issuing red rain warnings, flooding later returned to the UK on 21 November 2012, as heavy persistent rainfall fell in South West England which caused rivers to burst their banks, the rain later pushed into The Midlands overnight causing more flooding, on 24 November 2012 another band of rain pushed into South West England, The Environment Agency issued three severe flood warnings for the South West England and 90 flood warnings, the following day the Environment Agency issued 110 flood warning for The Midlands, most of which were for the River Avon[disambiguation needed] and the River Severn.
  • The 2013 North India floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall.
  • 2013 Alberta flood — On 20 June 2013, widespread flooding in southern Alberta caused major damage in Canmore, Calgary and High River when the Cougar Creek, Highwood River, and other rivers and creeks overflowed caused by extensive rainfall.[3][4] Other communities in the area were also affected, or were expected to be, by floods.[5] Flooding also caused power outages and the closure of the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 1A, as well as many other highways and roads.[6][7] A man and a woman were reported missing after a mobile home was swept into the Highwood River near the town of Black Diamond; the man was later rescued, but the woman remained missing.[8]
  • The 2013 Southwest China floods.



18 responses

13 07 2013
Paul Handover

Warmer atmosphere holds higher levels of water vapour; basic physics. What goes up must come down.

Two days after moving in last October, 1.66 inches of rain fell in 15 hours and washed out the small bridge across our creek. Had been there since 1977.

13 07 2013

Paul, have you got a decimal in the wrong place here…….? “1.66 inches of rain … in 15 hours” doesn’t seem like a lot of rain to me…..

13 07 2013

Climate change is a fact. Anthropogenic global warming is also a fact. What one believes does not change the facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts.
There is no debate about AGW, only about future predictions on it’s effects. The big fossil fuel companies are funding deniers to throw doubt into the minds of the naive and ignorant.

13 07 2013

“Your weather is your climate,” Stu Ostro.

Or, more succinctly, climate is weather over a long period of time.

13 07 2013
len gardener

our weather is our local climate maker, but there is no fact get this no factual fact in this CO2 conjecture, you cannot demonstrate in hard copy terms what excess Co2 is doing outside of in some places breathing issues and smog.

all you’ve done mike is list bad weather events, mostly added to be over development, roads in wrong places, people believing like in Brisbane that the 1974 flood could never happen again, council released land for development based on that premise and guess what all the ’74 repaired homes flooded again as did new ones that had been built.

the earths history is littered with the results of extreme weather caused by man’s intrusion, not CO2 fiction. you have gone to great length to quote weather history, it is all happening still look to asia, look to the US storms, if you removed all CO2 today nothing will change ever except cleaner air, put back the habitat now that will make for change. floods and storms come and go in the meantime people build in precarious developments whils the manipulators rape for profit.


14 07 2013

” if you removed all CO2 today”…………………. the Earth would freeze over, it would be 32 degrees COLDER!

14 07 2013
len gardener

well there ya go mike, we need CO2.…in-the-forest/

so in answer to your fear of going from boiling to freezing, plant the forest they will control manage CO2 a whole lot better than followers of mythology.

rapid you aren’t showing me or anyone actual facts you are showing hype and theory.

common sense tells me the science is all peer ego stuff.

a morale story we used to get taught back in the 50’s in school telling us to be careful of shysters:

was another about a king who lobbed in England from Viking ways wanted to demonstrate to his subjects his power(just like modern science)

he had his throan carried to the beach and sat before the rising tide, and commanded the rising water to stop, he went under just like we will.

take care none so blind as those who will not see.


15 07 2013

Right……… YOU have put me in a quandary now Len, because I have to decide whether to sanction you or not.

On Climate Change, you are WRONG. No ifs no buts. Your opinion of science and scientists (I fathered one, and am friends with several..) is insulting, and I will not put up with any more crap on that subject. End of story, you’ve been warned, don’t bother replying on this issue, I will just trash your comments…… GOT IT?

From now on, I will moderate all your comments and decide on their merit or otherwise whether they go through to the keeper or not.


15 07 2013
len gardener

yes guess you have the power to do as you wish you after all did not seem to have issues with me until gbell came along, you also cannot prove your climate change case anymore than I can disprove it just common sense says it can’t be so after decades of suffering high cost of living there will be nothing to show but more and more poor in Australia.

take care


14 07 2013

SIGH. I’ve left other boards to get away from “Garden Len’s” poorly structured, uninformed writing and attempted domination of threads. Here we go again.

Oh well.

For all you data junkies, here’s something to chew on from a researcher. It was sent to me by a denier, though I’ve not been able to draw any strong conclusions from it either way… see what you think.

14 07 2013

So Len’s a troll…… might have to rethink this one…

14 07 2013

Len Gardener is nothing more than a believer. You can show a believer the facts but their faith in their ideas will remain the same.

Len Gardener wrote “if you removed all CO2 today nothing will change ever except cleaner air”
To claim this you Len have to back this up with empirical evidence. As there is no facts to back up your claim, I think you should do some research. If you can prove AGW is not true there will be a nobel prize waiting for you.

15 07 2013

No Len, not true, I was starting to find your posts really irritating, so it’s no surprise others did too. We have lots in common, and we agree on many things, but we also disagree on fundamental things, which is fine…… I just don’t want you taking over all the comments, and I will not allow slanging matches or personal attacks. So if that means disallowing some posts, that is how it will be.

15 07 2013
len gardener

ok mike your call again, in an open chat world we must be tolerant and respectful of each other, i’m not the one slanging. I respond to posts like yours

did you look at my site yet?

15 07 2013

Isn’t it obvious I looked at your website……..?

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