Are we reaching some sort of tipping point…?

28 06 2013

The news, all bad of course, on the subject of Climate Change are cascading at a most alarming pace.  At least I’m alarmed, and frankly, if you‘re not alarmed, you’re just not paying attention…….  Following on from my two last post on this sad matter, the heat wave in Alaska and Siberia, the disappearing Arctic ice, now come news of another heat wave about to hit Western USA…..

Mangled Jet Stream and Global Warming to Shatter Earth’s Highest Recorded Temperature This Week?

The weather forecast for the American West is startling. An extreme blocking pattern that has persisted there since last year is now set to hit its highest amplitudes yet, allowing a massive heat dome to grow and sprawl out over the west for an extended period. The result will likely be a deadly heatwave that could send temperatures rocketing high enough to shatter Earth’s all-time record.

This blast-furnace heat is forecast to begin this weekend with temperatures expected to reach 126 to 129 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Death Valley, California. This range is very close to the all time high record Earth temperature of 134 degrees. So even a minor intensification of this predicted heat wave could result in a new Earth temperature record.

Other regions in the West are also predicted to experience record heat. Temperatures for both Phoenix and Las Vegas are expected to exceed 110 degrees (F) and could also shatter records for these two cities.

Overall, a broad swath from the American west and up into Canada is expected to experience temperatures between 10 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit above average. A visual representation of this incredible heat spike is provided by Weather Bell via Climate Central:

Record heat anomaly

(Image source: Climate Central and Weather Bell)

And it gets worse………  if that’s possible.  In a throwaway line on Facebook, Nicole Foss stated that the Gulf Stream was down 30% from its normal level.  Not possible I thought….  how could this not have made the headlines?  I mean, I follow news feeds pretty closely, but this is earth shattering stuff, especially for Europe……  so I did some research, and on my very first google, found this in the Guardian…:

Alarm over dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream

Interactive guide to the Gulf Stream

The powerful ocean current that bathes Britain and northern Europe in warm waters from the tropics has weakened dramatically in recent years, a consequence of global warming that could trigger more severe winters and cooler summers across the region, scientists warn today.

Researchers on a scientific expedition in the Atlantic Ocean measured the strength of the current between Africa and the east coast of America and found that the circulation has slowed by 30% since a previous expedition 12 years ago.

The current, which drives the Gulf Stream, delivers the equivalent of 1million power stations-worth of energy to northern Europe, propping up temperatures by 10C in some regions. The researchers found that the circulation has weakened by 6m tonnes of water a second. Previous expeditions to check the current flow in 1957, 1981 and 1992 found only minor changes in its strength, although a slowing was picked up in a further expedition in 1998. The decline prompted the scientists to set up a £4.8m network of moored instruments in the Atlantic to monitor changes in the current continuously.

Dr Harry Bryden

“If the Gulf Stream remains as weak as it is now, temperatures in Britain are expected to drop by an average of 1°C in the next ten years”, according to Harry Bryden at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton who led the study. “Models show that if it shuts down completely, 20 years later, the temperature is 4°C to 6°C degrees cooler over the UK and north-western Europe,” Dr Bryden said.

Climate records suggest that the Gulf Stream has ground to a halt in the distant past; however, the prospect of it completely shutting down over the next hundred years are, luckily, extremely low, according to climate modellers.

Skeptics continue saying we can’t tie any one event to Climate Change, but the frequency with which this stuff is now happening is starting to freak me out….. is it just me, or is the whole show just suddenly accelerating..?  Is this a short-term variation, or part of a more devastating long-term slowing of the flow?  Are we reaching some sort of tipping point…?  Climate scientists all along predicted chaotic weather, and it looks like it’s here right now.

India is joining the chorus too…….:


Rotting corpses spark fears of epidemic amid ‘Himalayan tsunami’ – ‘It’s very difficult to know the real figures and the scale of the disaster’

In this 20 June 2013 photo, the Kedarnath shrine, one of the holiest of Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, and other buildings around it are seen damaged following monsoon rains in at Kedarnath in the northern Indian state of Uttrakhand. A joint army and air force operation evacuated thousands of people stranded in the upper reaches of the state of Uttrakhand where days of rain had earlier washed out houses, temples, hotels, and vehicles. Photo: AP

By Nita Bhalla; Editing by Nick Macfie
26 June 2013

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Rotting corpses contaminating water sources and poor sanitation amid devastating floods in northern India could lead to a serious outbreak of diseases such as cholera and dysentery, aid groups warned on Wednesday.

The floods, triggered by heavy monsoon rains more than 10 days ago, have killed at least 822 people in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand and forced tens of thousands from their homes. Officials say the death toll may cross 1,000 and thousands are still reported missing.

Barack Obama has finally decided to act on Climate Change, hopefully forcing the hand of everyone else running this poor planet.  Let’s hope it isn’t too little too late.  Or maybe we should just hope, as Guy McPherson reasons, the collapse intervenes first….



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28 06 2013

I’ve only just posted this, when along comes a post by Chris Martenson on his own website saying “Lots of severe weather coming today and this weekend, with a massive heat wave hitting the western states and severe storms and heavy rains (hail) hitting the East.”

If that’s not chaotic, I don’t know what is…….

29 06 2013

Yes. We’ve hit the first set of tipping points:

1. Sea ice and snow melt enough to alter the jet stream.
2. Ice sheet melt enough to begin to alter ocean currents.

This means difficult and dangerous weather changes.

A very large melt pulse from Greenland or West Antarctica could set the stage for extremely powerful storms. But we’re not there yet.

1 07 2013

Tassie must be looking better by the day Mike. It makes me wonder if Tasmanian real estate prices will be higher in the years to come….? I remember a book put out about 2001 by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber called “The Coming Global Superstorm”. It had been extensively researched and referred, amongst other things to a Pentagon report saying how the Gulf Stream in northern Europe could stop within 20 years with rapid catastrophic climate consequences. It was this book that led to the movie ” The Day After Tomorrow”.

1 07 2013

Hi Marg, welcome to DTM…….

It’s impossible for the price of real estate to rise when shortage of money to buy it with exists. It is my greatest fear about selling our place here on the Sunshine Coast that the most likely sort of person interested in buying it will be too young to have accumulated the wealth needed to buy, and as a result will be knocked back for a loan by the bank.

Borrowing money is difficult today. You don’t read about it in MSM, but friends of ours here in Cooran are also selling. A potential buyer signed a contract on their place subject to finance. These people owned a house OUTRIGHT in Brisbane, but needed to borrow 100% of the cost of Robyn’s place….. which say ten years ago would have been a done deal. But they were knocked back.

The banks are very edgy these days, and the days of borrowing to the hilt are already over…..

BTW, I’ve been following RE in Tassie for eighteen months or more….. and some of the blocks I’ve been watching have still not sold….. likely overpriced, but they are, at least in my eyes, very desirable.

6 07 2013

“It is my greatest fear about selling our place here on the Sunshine Coast that the most likely sort of person interested in buying it will be too young to have accumulated the wealth needed to buy, and as a result will be knocked back for a loan by the bank”

Yes, it must be frustrating. But there are a lot of mature aged couples/early retirees doing the tree change/small acreage/sustainable lifestyle thing, especially as the more informed become aware of converging enviro/economic trends. A few of my aquaintances here in northern Tas fit into that category, having done so after their retirement. Even if a small percentage of cashed up former Sydney/Melbourne baby boomers opt for the acreage lifestyle (and as time goes by, there will be more and more of them) there should be no shortage of buyers for properties like yours. I remember seeing a couple of Australian eco/sustainable real estate sites on the net. I guess you might have tried these Mike? Maybe you need to get an article done on your property by one of the speciality magazines (Renew, Earth Garden, Sanctuary etc)

1 07 2013

Actually, the Pentagon report was in late 2003 and reported in the UK Guardian Observer in Feb 2004.

6 07 2013

Hi marg, thanks for the encouragement…… our house was featured in ReNew last year… I take it you’ve seen ?

BTW, where in Tassie do you live..?

9 06 2014
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9 06 2014

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22 09 2016
Temperatures In England Plummeting Over The Last Decade: Coldest Winters In 100s Of Years Are On Their Way! | Political Vel Craft

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