Climate change: How do we know?

21 06 2013

Just had to post this……….  the silent witness.  AND it’s pre 400ppm to boot…..

This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct  measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO<sub>2</sub> has increased  since the Industrial Revolution.  (Source: [[LINK||||NOAA]])

Source:  NASA




4 responses

21 06 2013
Paul Handover

That’s a pretty compelling graph.

21 06 2013

Hard to ignore!

22 06 2013
len gardener

oh! the good old this’ll convince them golf stick phenomina, totally unbelievable.

22 06 2013

Did you mean ‘hockey stick’? Because it is not the hockey stick graph which shows increasing temperature…… this one’s showing CO2 concentration, and it’s irrefutable.

Can’t quite work out whether you’re a denier or just plain sarcastic…..

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