Want proof the world’s gone mad…….?

2 06 2013

I just found this on the net, and I just had to share it with you all…..  Exactly how can anyone think or believe this is sustainable..?  At first glance, these pictures look like they depict a network of fields stretching to the horizon.  But in fact, the extraordinary images show an area of Spain as large as the Isle of Wight, or roughly 380 km², totally covered in greenhouses…….  The fruit and vegetables grown in the futuristic-looking structures end up on tables in Britain and elsewhere.

Breathtaking: These greenhouses in southern Spain cover an area of 100,000 acres, which is as large as the Isle of Wight

The greenhouses have had such an impact on the area of Almeria in the south of the country that they have lowered the average temperature by reflecting away light.

Swamped: Some towns have been almost entirely overtaken by the ever-growing sea of greenhouses

Fifty years ago, the land was so barren that it was used to film ‘spaghetti westerns’ wanting to replicate the look of American deserts.  But with imported soil and hydroponic systems that drip-feed chemical fertilisers into grow-bags, the area now has the largest collection of greenhouses in the world.  Many Spanish workers find it too hot to work there, so most of the staff are immigrants from Africa and Eastern Europe – either legal or illegal.

Barren: The landscape was once used to film spaghetti westerns because it was so desert-like

Plastic manufacturers and recycling companies have also set up in the region, where discarded plastic sheeting and rubbish is blown around by the wind.

Last month the death of a sperm whale that washed up on Spain’s south coast was linked to the Almeria greenhouses after it was found to have swallowed 37lb (17kg) of plastic waste dumped into the sea.

In the first quarter of 2012 food exports from Almeria, including lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons and peppers, were valued at €1.4billion.

If EVER there was proof you can do anything with fossil fuels, this MUST be it……. and now this:




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2 06 2013

That’s bad but I can trump you several times over with the documentary recently shown on SBS ‘Food Inc’ – trailer here – http://www.sbs.com.au/films/movie/4897/food-inc. The program should still be available on SBS On Demand and is a must watch if you are to see the power of the US and world food industry. It shows the absolute power it has to dictate prices and completely dominate the way people eat with horrific consequences to their health. Not only that, Food Libel laws in several states in the US now make it illegal to criticise or even question the food industry. It also shows the impact of GM crops and the power of companies like Monsanto. But getting back to your point on the over reliance on oil to produce our food, this film really shows how we or at least people in the US are literally eating oil.

3 06 2013

You wanna feed 7 billion people? That’s how it’s done. The alternative makes people very uncomfortable (more uncomfortable than factory farming? Probably), but a planned, managed contraction would be a lot better than letting nature take it’s course.

3 06 2013

Thing is……… NONE of this is possible without fossil fuels. All that plastic, all those chemicals.. how long before it all falls over anyway?

Nature WILL take its course, it’s only a matter of when……

3 06 2013

Ok, having watched it maybe you don’t need factory farming to feed 7 billion (but you do need fossil fuels). The Food Inc documentary seems to be more about the unhealthy influence corporations have on the political process in America, and the poor industrial relations schemes which seem to be ingrained over there.

The Monsanto stuff is old news, although by no means less troubling for it’s age.

That Polyface farms guy has his head on right, but customers driving 5 hours to get there…

2 06 2013

SBS On Demand has ended but may be viewed here

2 06 2013

Wow, how can you call an at least 30 year old technology .. futuristic ? Been living in the bush too long which is fine by me I did too, but don’t get religious about choices. Futuristic, actually already done, is crops grown in high rise buildings with the optimum light wave lengths, air conditioned and all other plant growth inputs optimised, powered by PV cells printed like our currency and laminated over the entire building, watered with ocean desalinated via wave energy pumps .. fossil fools die, technology advances … ready for Mars and beyond….. extending the human race into the cosmos….. as far as extreme right wing laws are concerned … the pendulum swings in democratic society as the conservatives discovered with ‘work choices’. But I lve the ‘down to earth’ lifestyle….

2 06 2013

Whos’s calling any of this futuristic? I call it unsustainable. Just like your green wet dream of solar powered buildings dripping with plants…

3 06 2013

It was quite a surprise when we were driving in Spain in 2008 to pop over a hill and see these plastic greenhouses stretching to the horizon.

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