Why Climate Change is not an environmental issue

25 05 2013



2 responses

26 05 2013
Terry J Wall (@terryjw7)

I think that there is such a groundswell of world citizens who now want action, commercial interest will and is recognizing the huge economic opportunity. This driving the new technologies to come to market asap. So in many ways what our elected leaders think is almost irrelevant.

However I am a little less confident about technology coming up with a fix on extracting carbon from the atmosphere. I think that we will have to use the remarkable efficiency of trees /photosynthesis to do this. This makes sense because of all the side effects that will be generated; building materials, improved plant growing environment (food), climate mitigation (livability), not to mention a sanctuary for saving endangered biodiversity. Good governance will be needed to see that such a mechanism has a high level of integrity, so that the market does not get ripped off (as usual).

26 05 2013

The major CO2 scrubbing mecanisms (many times that of trees) are in the oceans and we are in the process of stuffing them up. Not only do these mecanisms remove more CO2 they also sequester it for millions of years.

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