Why is society so ignorant?

14 04 2013

Thatcher’s death has definitely brought the worst and best out of people…….  people with very long memories to boot!  I wasn’t that interested in politics way back in the early 70’s.  Like most young people, I had better things to do.  So it is particularly interesting to read the detail beyond the fog I vaguely remember as the aftermath of drinking too much beer…..

So here are a few little nuggets with how and more specifically why a lot of industries were destroyed by her, and what’s more, destroyed with the mandate of the British people.

The trade unions waited for winter, and then came out on strike, holding the country to ransom for annual pay rises of up to 36% above inflation. Can you believe that?  These were the demands from Scargill and co.  And they bled Britain dry, bankrupting the country, because as you should know by now, the coal was unviable…..  Their jobs were already subsidised, there was no meat left.  And then the Winter of Discontent happened.  And they all came out.  Miners, power workers, transport workers; even funeral directors, everything tied into the TGWU came out.  The entire country was in ruin. Rubbish not collected for months, rats everywhere (I actually remember seeing that on Australian TV..). Winter-of-discontentAnd the unions laughed, and brought down Callaghan’s Labour Government.  And Thatcher stood up at the general election and made one simple promise: “Elect me, and this will never happen again. Elect me and I shall destroy them.” She won in a landslide. On that promise.  Not many pollies keep their promises…

I guess you could argue that one extreme way of thinking, simply resulted in another.  The famous pendulum swing.  The Brits got the government they deserved…….  She did exactly what she said.  She utterly destroyed the unions.  Obliterated them.  The cost was all those industries.  But did the Brits know that would be the price?  Were they prepared to pay such a price to not allow them to hold the country to ransom?  What she did, she did with the people’s blessing.  The socialists and people who backed those strikes have only themselves to blame for what happened.  They were dumb….  Baroness Thatcher destroyed those industries and communities , the people supported her, and nobody understood what was going on…. She held the purse strings tight and re-built the economy and the country only after all that oil was discovered in the North Sea and Britain again stood tall and thrived.  And to this day, she gets the credit….  You can read all the patriotic diatribe all over the internet…   I doubt she could even have fought the Falklands War without that oil….  Did you know more veterans have died from suicide since the war than died in the war….?

Why is society so dumb?  Why do Unions make often unrealistic demands?  Why do we fight wars over worthless piles of rock like the Falklands and Afghanistan..??  And you know what?  It’s all about to happen again.  Limits to Growth is already affecting the cost of living, and people are starting to demand pay rises that nobody can afford, because the resources to pay for them are not there.  And I reckon there’s an extremely good chance that if/when Abbott wins the next election here, he will become the next Thatcher.  And Australians will have elected the government they deserve, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.  For being stupid and ill informed.  Oh and a Labor Party that doesn’t stand for anything that different to the conservatives…

Once we will have got through our own Winter of discontent, there will be no oil to rebuild the greed/debt economy with.  And everyone will stand around with dumb looks on their faces wondering what on Earth happened.