Five years on…….

28 02 2013

I’ve only just realised, this blog is five years old.  Where has the time gone..?  And the older you get, the faster it disappears.

So I thought I’d revisit my first post…….  in it I wrote this: “So when the crunch arrives in about 4 or 5 years, what will you do?”  They say making predictions, especially about the future, is a bit risky…!  We came close to crunch time in 2008, but they bailed out the banks.  When they should’ve bailed out the little people…  Crunch time is still coming, but obviously predicting when is indeed tricky.

A friend of mine recently said he knows someone “high up” in the ANZ Bank who told him there would be a substantial crash this year, probably in the second half.  Then someone else (I should’ve paid more attention) on the internet recently specified the third quarter….  I predict (!) October.  Bad economic things tend to happen in October, in fact our twins were born on Black Monday, October 19 1987, the biggest stock market crash outside of 1929.  Could only happen to me, hey…….

UPDATE:  this just came up on the Chris Martenson website……  thought this was a good place to park it!

Warning: Stocks Likely to Crater from Here – losses of over 50% may be in store

That “they” actually managed to keep the Matrix going under all the conditions we are currently facing would be a credit to “them”, were it not for the fact that the longer they allow it all to continue, the worse the collapse will be.  But who will listen to me when the ASX has topped 5000 again….  Who will listen to me when the media is continually spraying misinformation about the recovery……  such that when things in Greece go totally pear shaped….  they simply stop writing about it.  When was the last time you heard about Greece?  Think about it….  the Pope’s abdication is now filling newspaper columns…

“The Greek economy is finished. The Greek economy is in a great, great
depression… There is no power, no force within the Greek economy, within Greek society that can avert it…. Imagine if we were in Ohio in 1931 and we were to ask: What can Ohio politicians do to get Ohio out of the Great Depression? The answer is nothing.”

– Yanis Varoufakis, Greek economist

After 5 years of negative growth, record-high unemployment and savage cuts to essential safety-net programs, Greek society is beginning to buckle. Diabetics cannot afford their insulin, suicides and anti-depressant usage is
off-the-chart, tuberculosis and HIV rates are soaring, and desperate pensioners in Athens have been reduced to dumpster diving outside grocery stores for a few scraps of food to feed themselves and their families.

Sounds of collapse………………?  You didn’t hear about it on Fairfax and News Limited though…

The Energy Cliff has simply got five years closer since I started this blog……

Can we live again in 1964’s energy world? asks Andrew Nikiforuk over at  “Everything has to get worse. We are behaving so badly.”  Or so says Vaclav Smil, who actually knows something about energy in a world that has grown largely energy illiterate, thanks to a now threatened diet of cheap hydrocarbons.  Smil’s analysis of energy transitions at the resilience site is well worth the read.  Go for it.

On its fifth birthday, I thought I’d google Damnthematrix, just for fun.  About 397,000 results (0.26 seconds) says the search engine…….  To have any impact on society, I reckon we need 100 times more hits.

Happy Birthday Damnthematrix……